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Welcome to PSI -

We are different from other psychic services. We are completely independent of all other services.

We are booking agents for psychic readers. We have been in service for over 25 years. All of our readers are tested by our staff. They are all clairvoyant - which means they pick up on your energy visually and describe what they see. Some of our psychics use other tools such as Tarot cards, dream interpretation, spirit guides, mediumship and auras.

We genuinely care about our clients getting a great reading. We recommend our clients take notes during the readings so they have something to remember the details. Our readers love to work with relationship issues, work issues, life issues and read energy of the client.

We have many different options for new clients. Our most popular option is 15 minutes for $30 to try us out. We always have set prices for the readings - there are no surprises in pricing. Even if you go over a minute or two - we do not charge anything more. The client knows exactly what the charge is up front.

We offer a 5 minute guarantee with every reading. We know that every reading is completely individual and personal energies come into play. There will be some readers a client feels more of a connection to than others. If a client ever gets into a reading and feels the energy isn't right for any reason - the client can hang up with the reader, call us back here in the office and then book with a different reader for the full amount of time originally booked.

We are based on repeat clients. We find that once a client calls us, they realize how valuable our service is and they become a life long client. We really do have clients who have been calling us since the early 90s when we first started booking readings. Our clients find that we are a valuable asset to have in their pocket when the going gets rough!

We never share or sell your information.