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Hello and Welcome to Paramount Solutions

21 Apr

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5 ways to get an excellent psychic reading

25 Aug

Welcome to Solutions - You should get to know us.

Our service also tests readers all the time in order to find the best psychic readers.

We are a small, privately owned psychic phone service. Our main office is in Orlando, Florida. Our readers are throughout the United States. We test and recruit psychic readers who are clairvoyant, some use tarot cards, some are psychic mediums - it just depends on what type of reading you’re looking for. Our readers love to help with relationships, business, timing of events and life issues.

We are tiny compared to our competitors. We are based on repeat clients. They call us back because we offer a very valuable service. We provide a psychic with insight into their personal situation. We never sell our client’s information. Our clients call us because they trust us, we provide accurate psychic readings and we are a very caring company. We have new client specials. We offer no hassle and up-front pricing.

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Welcome to PSI -

26 Jun

We are different from other psychic services. We are completely independent of all other services.

We are booking agents for psychic readers. We have been in service for over 25 years. All of our readers are tested by our staff. They are all clairvoyant - which means they pick up on your energy visually and describe what they see. Some of our psychics use other tools such as Tarot cards, dream interpretation, spirit guides, mediumship and auras.

We genuinely care about our clients getting a great reading. We recommend our clients take notes during the readings so they have something to remember the details. Our readers love to work with relationship issues, work issues, life issues and read energy of the client.

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