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Sun Signs and the Super Blood Wolf Moon

Sun Signs and the Super Blood Wolf Moon

A Super Blood Wolf Moon and lunar eclipse will take place on the evening of January 20, 2019 and show itself until the sun comes up on January 21, 2019. Super Blood Wolf Moons with a lunar eclipse are rare. It is a combination of the first full moon that appears in January (the wolf moon), the moon appears to be close to the earth and is very large to the viewer (Super Blood Moon), and a lunar eclipse. This should be quite a fabulous lunar display.

The Moon mostly affects and reveals your innermost secrets, desires and emotions.This rare and stunning celestial display could influence your sun sign in interesting ways.

Aries: You could experience a major change in your love life by way of an engagement or renewal of some sort. You could also feel a burst of creative energy that turns out to be profitable and positive.

Taurus: You may experience a desire to remodel your home or make improvements to everything in your life. You also might find a new partner of some sort that is positive.

Gemini: You may finally cut loose of negative friends and find some new, better relationships. You may also find yourself in a beneficial partnership of some sort.

Cancer: You may get some well-deserved recognition at home and at work. You may also discover a new income source.

Leo: You might be able to capitalize on your hard work that took place over the last several years and receive the recognition and praise that you deserve.

Virgo: You may finally find inner peace regarding a failed or hurtful relationship. Ending something that has not been helpful should enable you to move ahead with confidence.

Libra: You may make some strong connections at a soulmate level. This should provide you with opportunities to join into a wonderful partnership with a  like-minded group of people. 

Scorpio: You should find that work will be very rewarding. You may find that you have opportunities to move up the ladder in your chosen profession and provide leadership.

Sagittarius: You may get an opportunity to travel and experience something new. You may also be inspired to reach out to new connections on a worldwide basis.

Capricorn: You might find that negative relationships come to an end or resolution. You may also find a real soulmate connection with someone that is deep and special.

Aquarius: You may discover that past alliances no longer work for you and during that discovery period - find much better partnerships.

Pisces: You should find yourself in a better position to lead at work. You should also find that you are in the right frame of mind to better your health overall.

The Super Blood Moon Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse influences your true emotions and deep-down desires. A call to the nationally renowned Psychic Line by Paramount Solutions, Inc.should be able to help you dig down and figure out what is really going on with you or those around you regarding love, relationships, soulmates, twin flames, work, messages from the other side, and other metaphysical questions or concerns.