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Super Blood Wolf Moon and Strong Desires

A rare Super Blood Wolf Moon/Lunar Eclipse takes place on the night of January 20, 2019. This celestial miracle combines the first full moon of the year (known as the Wolf Moon), a super moon (where the moon is closest to the earth), and a lunar eclipse (when the earth’s shadow blocks the sun).

Sun Signs and the Super Blood Wolf Moon

A Super Blood Wolf Moon and lunar eclipse will take place on the evening of January 20, 2019 and show itself until the sun comes up on January 21, 2019. Super Blood Wolf Moons with a lunar eclipse are rare. It is a combination of the first full moon that appears in January (the wolf moon), the moon appears to be close to the earth and is very large to the viewer (Super Blood Moon), and a lunar eclipse. This should be quite a fabulous lunar display.

Super Blood Wolf Moon - January 21, 2019

The Super Blood Wolf Moon in Leo plus an eclipse takes place on January 21, 2019.

This is an exciting combination of the following:
A New Moon - this occurs when the moon is closest to the Earth during its orbit.
A Wolf Moon - is simply the name for the first New Moon of 2019.
A Blood Moon - is when a lunar eclipse makes the Moon look a reddish color as it enters the shadow of the earth.
Eclipse - is when the earth blocks the light from the sun to the moon.

Lots of activity in the atmosphere in 2018

We are so excited for the new year! We hope you are excited, too. There will be so many cool astronomical events. Be sure to look up as much as possible! Call us for a reading - We offer personal, private and professional psychic readings by phone. 20+ years of service.