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Summer Love

Summer Love and Saturn Retrograde

Finally, summer is here and the celebrations in the sun begin. A love psychic should be able to provide very interesting readings from a focused tarot spread in order to help you sort out the layers of your love life.You may have a golden opportunity this summer to find true love with your soulmate or twin flame.

The Saturn Retrograde that runs until the beginning of September should make things very interesting. Saturn seems to be seeking truth - or else. This may or may not make your summer love celebration fun - especially if you are in a twin flame relationship (these relationships are different than soulmates and tend to be intense and blow hot and cold).

If you have been truthful about your romantic situation, the influence of Saturn should help solidify your relationship. If there are still issues that are being avoided, there may be some interesting experiences, epiphanies or revelations  as you pursue true love.

This summer should be a good time to fine tune your relationship and the ability to create a solid foundation, truth in love, and a real sense of intimacy. You may find this process a little scary, but the relationship rewards should make this very exciting for your long-term love life.

Truth should provide you with confidence and a sense of real freedom. You may finally be able to face down the scary “monsters” that hide in the shadows of your being, discover and understand your lover’s scary “monsters” and cleanly take charge of your love life.

The process of facing truths about yourself and your loved one, and vice versa, may make you nervous, frightened or uncomfortable. Perhaps being temporarily uncomfortable is a small price to pay for true love with your soulmate, lesson teacher, or twin flame. 

Whether you have found your wonderfully soothing soulmate, lesson teacher, or your fiery twin flame, Saturn will probably encourage you to take a hard look and proceed on a path of solid, true love. Just think how nice it might be to move forward and know that there is a foundation of love that you can trust.

One of our wonderful, tested tarot card readers that also have other psychic tools at their disposal should be able to tailor a psychic reading to help you take advantage of this summer’s fabulous opportunity to build truly long-lasting, solid love relationships.

Whether you have found a soulmate, a twin flame, or an important, lesson teaching lover - this summer should be anything but boring.

Focused tarot readings that apply strictly to you and your situation combined with a knowledge of general universal trends should be helpful indeed. Enjoy your reading!