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The Spiritual Significance of a Blue Moon on Halloween

The Spiritual Significance of a Blue Moon on Halloween

This Halloween has a special feature: a blue moon.

Halloween falls on Samhain Eve, the day before the Celtic holiday of Samhain. This already gives the holiday acute spiritual significance. Samhain marks the day the Celts believed summer changed into winter. They began their festivities at sunset the night before. 

But this Halloween is especially significant, given that it also coincides with a blue moon.

What is a blue moon, and why is its appearance on Halloween notable?

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What Is a Blue Moon?

A blue moon occurs when a second full moon appears within the span of a single solar calendar month.

Astrologically, it also refers to an extra full moon on the solar calendar.

The moon doesn't actually turn blue. Rather, it shines bright and full in the night sky.

References to a blue moon exist everywhere in the world around us. There's Blue Moon Beer, the Billie Eilish song "Blue Moon," and even the saying "once in a blue moon." 

But why do we use "once in a blue moon" to mean rarely? It's because blue moons are actually pretty rare. In fact, a calendrical full moon only happens once every 2.7 years. 

Blue moons can be separated into two types: calendrical and astrological. Calendrical blue moons refer to the second blue moon in a month on the solar calendar, which is what most people today use. Astrological blue moons refer to those that take place in the lunar calendar.

Spiritual Significance of a Blue Moon

For many today, blue moons are simply beautiful occurrences that happen in the night sky.

Yet, they also hold spiritual significance. 

But what is their spiritual meaning?

It depends on who's answering the question. 

For some, moons are associated with femininity and the wisdom a woman gains as she passes through the different stages of her life. Others associate blue moons with connection to divine entities and clarity about life.

Blue moons, whether calendrical or astrological, are fantastic times to practice magical rituals or participate in a tarot reading, as the moon could give these actions an amplified boost. 

Astrological blue moons can also heighten the effects of the time period in which they appear. For instance, if a blue moon appears during a Pisces season, Pisces qualities will be amplified.

The Blue Moon on Halloween

So what is the significance of the blue moon on Halloween?

Well, as it turns out, that comes down to what people make of it.

The blue moon occurring on October 31st of this year is calendrical rather than astrological. This means it doesn't hold much meaning for astrologers.

Yet, blue moons are always full moons. According to astrology, full moons signify peak clarity and the realization of desires. They're revolutionary parts of the lunar cycle.

So, people can still use the blue moon on Halloween to turn their gaze inward. They can focus on their feminine energy, dreams, and desires. They can also get in touch with deities.

If wanted, they can combine it with Samhain and celebrate the transition between both the physical seasons and the chapters in their lives. it's a fantastic time to think about making changes.

Want Some Additional Spiritual Guidance?

This year's Halloween is marked by calendrical blue moon.

For many, this elevates the time of celebration and makes everything feel more magical. People will likely want to partake in spiritual activities. 

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