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What Is the Significance of Halloween?

What Is the Significance of Halloween?

If you're among the 172 million Americans that will be celebrating Halloween this year, you may get more than you bargained for.

Halloween isn't just a day to don a costume and pretend to be someone else, and it isn't just a day to pay homage to fear. It's a time when the living can connect with their history- and with the dead- like no other. Here, we're going to talk about the spiritual significance of Halloween so that you know all about this awesome day!

Halloween: A History

Halloween originated from an ancient Celtic tradition called Samhain. This pagan celebration was in part to welcome the beginning of the harvest season, but it was also intended to scare off spirits that may intend to harm their people. To drive spirits away, people would dress up in costume and light bonfires intended to scare ghosts.

A bit later down the road, 8th century Pope Gregory III declared that November 1 was a day to honor the saints that many religions believe watch over us. To celebrate, people began to incorporate some of the traditions from Samhain into their festivities. People dressed up as saints, angels, and devils.

This usually happened the night before All-Saints day, October 31st. This night became known as All-Hallows eve, and from there it's pretty easy to see how that became 'Halloween.'

Over time, people developed traditions like pumpkin carving, trick-or-treating, and haunted houses. While some countries around the world stopped celebrating the holiday, Halloween remains one of the most popular days of celebration in the US, and with good reason. It's a great time to get in touch with the spirits.

The Spiritual Significance of Halloween

First, it's important to note that death and rebirth are an important part of the cycle of human life. Halloween is a day that we honor that. It's a way of shedding who we are and rebirthing ourselves after that by honoring the deaths that we've experienced throughout the year. This doesn't only mean the literal deaths of our loved ones, but also those of the versions of ourselves that have grown and changed to become who we are today.

Halloween is also a great time for strengthening our connections to the spirit realm. Since the borders with the spirit realm thin and weaken on Halloween, the living have more of a chance at communicating with the deceased during this time. Because many of us need to get in touch with our spirit guides, this night is a great time to reach out to them.

Communicating with spirit guides can help us as living people to make life decisions. It can also help to boost confidence and provide signs as to what the right path may be.

More Spiritual Information

Now that you know the significance of Halloween as a spiritual holiday, it's time to learn more about the role of the mystical in our daily lives. Sign up for our newsletter to get information about spirits, fate, and more. You can also book a psychic reading with our experts to learn more about what the universe has in store for you as an individual.

Have a great Halloween!