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Soulmate Sex

You meet someone.  There seems to be an instant, passionate connection.  The question is as follows:  Is this your soulmate?  The answer is maybe.

How do you feel about your sexual experience with this person?  Sex is just another part of your relationship.  There is much more than passion involved in soulmate sex.  A strong sexual connection does not necessarily indicate that you have found a soulmate.

Ask yourself the following questions:

Do you feel safe with this person?
Do you feel comfortable and secure?
Do you feel confident, accepted and relaxed?
Is your sexual activity a natural extension of a healthy, loving relationship?

If you answered yes to these questions, you may have found a soulmate.

Now, if you feel abandoned, used, ashamed, overpowered, dissatisfied or general out of sorts - you have probably not found a soulmate.

A soulmate relationship is usually one where you find a person with whom you share a sense of familiarity and a willingness to work together comfortably toward the same goals.

Working in harmony does not mean that there will not be issues.  You are two different people that should be able to help, teach and commit to each other as you travel through life - even though you may not agree about every little thing.  You need to look at the big picture.

Soulmate sex should be an extension of your deep connection.  This expression of love will usually grow in satisfaction as time moves forward.

Remember, when looking for a soulmate, focus on your purpose in life and the ability of your partner to understand, accept, compliment, and share in your destinies!

A clairvoyant relationship psychic should be able to assist you with questions regarding soulmates.  Our tested phone psychics are available to help you.

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