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Venus went into retrograde on July 25th.  Venus retrogrades about every 18 months.  Venus usually brings up images of cupid, romance, love, flowers and all sorts of wonderful things.  This is a fairly common retrograde.  It provides us with the opportunity to focus on love and relationships and expose the areas that need work.  This is probably a good time to share our deepest thoughts and how you feel about your current or old relationship.  It is generally not a good time to start something new in the area of relationships.

Interesting enough, this summer also provides us a Saturn retrograde in Scorpio that will continue until the first week of August.  This retrograde, generally, adds to the intensity of the need to dig deep into you relationship issues.  So, if you feel somewhat relationship obsessed, blame Saturn.  Saturn is known as the stern taskmaster of the Universe.  August 5th may be an important day in the cycle.  You may suddenly understand yourself or your lover's motivations as you examine the past.

To add frosting and another layer to the relationship cake - Uranus also went into Retrograde in Aries on July 26th.  This additional retrograde may provide you with surprises.  For example, an old love may suddenly reappear or a riddle regarding our current relationship may be solved.  Most of the time a Uranus retrograde may be somewhat intense and overwhelming.  Having this occur during the awakening opportunity provided by a Venus Retrograde in Leo makes this summer, generally, very powerful when it comes to forcing people into taking a very close, objective look into their love life.

Keeping in mind that this summer provides you with the chance to really focus on love, this "relationship retrograde" should provide you with the chance to take a close look at what is really going on in your love life and help you make decisions.  Should you continue as you are?  Should you move forward once you have examined your relationship?  Would it be better to end things?  You and your lover may both feel compelled to question all aspects of your relationship and sort things out.

The strong focus of this "relationship retrograde" regarding love relationships may provide you the perfect opportunity to deal with issues lurking under the surface.  Should you stay or should you go?

A clairvoyant psychic or tarot card reader may be able to assist you as you work through this somewhat challenging, possibly scary period of a "relationship retrograde."  Can you fully enjoy or potentially fix what you do not understand?

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This is funny, because it is similar astrologically to summer of 2018. 

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