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Questions to ask yourself to see if you are a psychic vampire

Questions to ask yourself to figure out if you have psychic vampire tendencies. 

1 - Do you feel energized around other people? Psychic vampires feed off the energy of others. 

2 - Are you the first one to leave the conversation or the last? Psychic vampires are always looking to spend more time talking. They are usually the last ones to leave the conversation. 

3 - Do you always have to have other people around you? Or are you okay being with yourself? Psychic vampires do not like to be alone. 

4 - Do you ask other people for favors? Psychic vampires are always looking towards other people to help them. 

5 - Do other people ask you to hang out? Or are you always the one initiating? Psychic vampires work hard to not be alone. 

6 - Do you have a strong personality? Not all psychic vampires have a strong personality. But, some psychic vampires have a super strong personality. 

7 - Do you do all the talking in a conversation? Or are you more of a listener? Pay attention in your conversations. Are you talking the whole time about your issues or are you the listener? If you are the talker, you might be a psychic vampire. When you leave a conversation, ask yourself if you learned three things about the other person in the conversation. If you can’t answer basic questions about the person you were having a conversation with, you weren’t listening. It’s a trait of a psychic vampire.

If you identify with a few of these questions and answers, you may have psychic vampire tendencies. 

This is not to diagnose anyone with any medical or psychological condition. We are NOT doctors. If you think you have a health issue, we encourage you to get medical attention from an actual medical professional.