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Psychic questions

Questions to ask yourself to see if you are a psychic vampire

03 Dec

Questions to ask yourself to figure out if you have psychic vampire tendencies.

1 - Do you feel energized around other people? Psychic vampires feed off the energy of others.

2 - Are you the first one to leave the conversation or the last? Psychic vampires are always looking to spend more time talking. They are usually the last ones to leave the conversation.

3 - Do you always have to have other people around you? Or are you okay being with yourself? Psychic vampires do not like to be alone.

4 - Do you ask other people for favors? Psychic vampires are always looking towards other people to help them.

5 - Do other people ask you to hang out? Or are you always the one initiating? Psychic vampires work hard to not be alone.

6 - Do you have a strong personality? Not all psychic vampires have a strong personality. But, some psychic vampires have a super strong personality.

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5 questions to ask a psychic reader

01 Oct

There are a million different reasons a person calls a psychic reader. Some clients prefer a cold reading - a psychic reading where the client does not ask any questions. Some people like to ask specific questions. If there is a specific topic that a client wants to know about, we always recommend to ask the reader a question. If the client just wants a general overview of their life, we tell the client to do what makes them comfortable. In a general reading it is not necessary to ask any questions.

We do recommend that clients not be really specific with their questions. If a client is really specific, he or she may compromise the quality of the psychic reading. For instance, a client might ask a psychic about a certain person, versus their love life in general. It is up to the client on how detailed he or she is comfortable in asking. Here are some good questions to ask a psychic reader.

1. Do you see love coming into my life?

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