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New Year's Resolutions by Sun Sign

New Year's Resolutions by Sun Sign

New year's resolutions by Sun sign:

Aries: Slow down a bit and really pay attention to your partner or those around you. Your constant focus on new, exciting projects can be a bit annoying. You may confuse your partner if you ignore them, then get jealous if they find a new activity to fill their time.

Taurus: Try being a little more open to the opinions of others. There are more choices to handling disagreements than plowing someone over or running away - fast and forever. Your strength is a selling point, your stubbornness  - not so much.

Gemini - Please quit talking all the time. Also, open your eyes and do not fall blindly in love. See your partner for who they really are - you don’t need an imaginary love interest. Quit living life inside your head and objectively evaluate people and how they really make you feel.

Cancer - Usually has “mommy” or “daddy” issues and longs for the feeling of childhood safety. It is probably a good idea to take a few risks and go for the gold instead of settling for a “safe” relationship. Also, try not to get anxious if your partner has outside interests - people do not have to stay home all the time.

Leo - Do not smother your partner. Give them a little space. A relationship is not all about you all of the time. Avoid blowing up their phone or social media accounts all the time. Seriously. Also, reign in your temper and try to tactfully express yourself when there is a disagreement. 

Virgo - Do not “mother” your partner. It is not necessary to micromanage everything and everyone. Don’t let your perfectionistic tendencies drive away a worthwhile relationship. Chill. Be careful of using social media in a controlling, detrimental way. 

Libra - May be a little clingy in a relationship. Your love interest does not have to be in contact with you -  meeting your endless needs 24/7. Also, try to focus on truth rather than expediency when dealing with your lover. Peace at any cost may be too expensive. No more selfies!

Scorpio - Give up the idea that you can change your partner into someone that meets all of your needs. Avoid “one upping” your loved one all the time. Also, let go of the past. Does anyone really want to rehash things over and over and over again? 

Sagittarius - Try thinking about the people in your life at the moment instead of always focusing on what you want to do next. Relationships involve two people, not just you. Also, quit looking for a new adventure and appreciate the challenges provided by a long-term relationship.

Capricorn: May be a little too critical of their love interest. While your ability to see and analyze things truthfully might be a good thing, nitpicking your love interest about their faults will not endear you to your lover. Is it more important to be right or cut someone a little slack in order to preserve a relationship?

Aquarius: Taking care of the world is time consuming, but don’t forget that the love of your life needs care and attention, also. Little things like being on time for dates, answering texts, or answering your phone are important. 

Pisces: It is ok to be a grown up. You don’t have to please everyone all the time. Hanging out at the Club or partying is fun, but remember to carve out some quality time for your loved one. It’s ok to stay at home with the person you love. Don’t let others take all your time and attention.

We hope you have a Wonderful New Year! 2019 should provide us with some great new opportunities. A little bit of introspection may help you move forward with your love interest in a positive way. 

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Happy New Year! If you have issues, we have insight.