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New Year's Resolutions by Sun Sign

02 Jan

New year's resolutions by Sun sign:

Aries: Slow down a bit and really pay attention to your partner or those around you. Your constant focus on new, exciting projects can be a bit annoying. You may confuse your partner if you ignore them, then get jealous if they find a new activity to fill their time.

Taurus: Try being a little more open to the opinions of others. There are more choices to handling disagreements than plowing someone over or running away - fast and forever. Your strength is a selling point, your stubbornness - not so much.

Gemini - Please quit talking all the time. Also, open your eyes and do not fall blindly in love. See your partner for who they really are - you don’t need an imaginary love interest. Quit living life inside your head and objectively evaluate people and how they really make you feel.

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One simple change can change your life

14 Jan

One simple change in your daily life can make a world of difference towards your goals. Reaching your goals are a result of making a daily change to benefit yourself. You can do it!

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2017 Fun Sun Sign Resolutions

30 Dec

Happy New Year! As we look forward to a new year, we often look for resolutions that may improve our lives. A list of fun sun sign resolutions follows:

Aries - The Ram would probably do well to tone down their strong will and need to run over everything in sight. What do you accomplish when you overwhelm others? Using your natural high energy, combined with love, should take you where you want to go.

Taurus - The Bull might take the new year as an opportunity to resist the urge to lock horns with people that appear to be directly in your path. Developing peripheral vision might just be a good thing. Everything important may not be directly in front of you. If you take a look around, your naturally persistent nature should help make your dreams come true.

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