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2017 Fun Sun Sign Resolutions

Happy New Year!  As we look forward to a new year, we often look for resolutions that may improve our lives.  A list of fun sun sign resolutions follows:

Aries - The Ram would probably do well to tone down their strong will and need to run over everything in sight.  What do you accomplish when you overwhelm others?  Using your natural high energy, combined with love, should take you where you want to go.

Taurus - The Bull might take the new year as an opportunity to resist the urge to lock horns with people that appear to be directly in your path.  Developing peripheral vision might just be a good thing.  Everything important may not be directly in front of you.  If you take a look around, your naturally persistent nature should help make your dreams come true.

Gemini- The Twins may take this opportunity to slow it down and focus on one thing.  You might just be surprised at what you missed.  Noticing tiny details may help you obtain real clarity and give you the results you seek.

Cancer - The Crab should try to back off on their desire to put the squeeze on people that appear threatening.  Flexibility, not a crazy defense, might provide you with victory, happiness, and real strength.

Leo - The Lion might want to that this opportunity to be more active.  Try getting down from your throne and participate in hard work.  Roaring orders may not necessarily be the best way to get what you want.  Your help will probably be appreciated and returned by those you love.

Virgo - The Virgin may find it a great idea to avoid being short-tempered and impatient when things do not go your way.  Your ability to provide clear-sighted, help might be more appreciated if presented in a kind, patient and loving manner.  Softly presented patient advice may get you the results you desire.

Libra - The Scales may want to focus on a more positive approach instead of worrying about what might happen.  Just letting go and enjoying the moment would probably be a nice change and be very beneficial.  Those around you will probably appreciate a calmer, less troubled energy.  Projecting confidence and strength may attract the same type of person into your loving circle.

Scorpio - The Scorpion might want to just "let it go."  Forgetting and forgiving instead of "tit for tat" should provide you with real inner peace and help achieve your heart's desire.  Remember, revenge is not always sweet.  Living in and enjoying the moment in a peaceful fashion should attract the one you want into your fold.  

Sagittarius - The Centaur may find it beneficial to slow down and raise awareness about the feelings of others.  The pursuit of knowledge and adventure might be great, but do not abandon your loved ones in the process.  Including others and sharing feelings and experiences may enrich your life beyond your wildest dreams.

Capricorn - The Goat should probably take advantage of their innate ability to plan for and achieve growth by cultivating more of a balance between correctness and remembering to nurture relationships.  It may be wise to assure others that they do not have to be perfect in order for you to care about them.  A more gentle, positive approach may get you where you want to go.  

Aquarius - The Water Bearer may want to capitalize on their generally positive outlook by developing a little more patience with individuals. It might be more productive to resist the impulse to act on intuition and give others a chance to understand and catch up.  If you show others you can share and care about them, you might find your life goes more smoothly.  

Pisces - The Fish might want to continue to be social and helpful with the caveat to be a little more skeptical regarding the motivations of others.  Protecting yourself by putting your natural intuition into play should allow you to know what is really going on and make your life more rewarding and peaceful.

We hope you enjoy these Sun Sign Resolutions.  Have a happy and safe New Year!  "We just knew you were going to call."

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