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Need a pet psychic? We have several accurate psychics who love to focus on your pets

We love our pets! Friday, February 16, 2018 starts the Chinese New Year of The Dog.  Tuesday, February 20, 2018 is ‘Love Your Pet Day.” If you love animals, this is all very good news!

Have you ever wondered what’s up with your pet? Why do they do certain things? Why are they anxious? Is there such a thing as a message from a passed pet? Why does my pet dislike someone? What is their favorite food? What is their favorite thing to do? What is my dog thinking? What is my cat thinking?

Owning and interacting with your pet is a mutually beneficial experience. Pets get very tuned into their owners. Often their behavior is in response to the energy you emit or signals that you send.
For example, if you grab your car keys, your dog may suddenly appear by your side – ears up – ready to go. That is a signal. Does your cat run and hide when you get the cat carrier out? That is a signal.

A Pet Psychic tunes into your energy and that of your pet with their mind. Telepathy combined with clairvoyance seems to be the most obvious explanation. A Pet Psychic generally can tune into your pet.  A Pet Psychic also may be able to combine these abilities with mediumship and connect with passed over pets.

Every pet has their own special energy. The feeling you get from a dog is much different than the feeling you get from a cat. This is an obvious example that most people can relate to. Your pet is believed to be communicating with you telepathically most of the time. They seem to really be able to pick up on energy. A Pet Psychic may be able to help them find their voice and clear up any questions or concerns you may have.

A consultation with a Pet Psychic might be particularly helpful if you rescue a pet. The experience of joining a new family might be a stressor for all involved. Just think about how nice it would be go gain a better understanding of things from the viewpoint of your pet. The transition period will probably go a bit smoother if you are able to anticipate, address, and relieve trouble before it starts.

Sometimes Pet Psychics are able to communicate with pets that are now with you in spirit. It may be comforting to discover that their connection with you has not really ended. If you feel your pet’s presence after they are gone, they are probably always going to be with you in spirit. Having a Pet Psychic validate your connection should be very helpful.

A telephone psychic reading to explore what a Pet Psychic may be able to share with you regarding your pet should be an interesting and fun way to experience the Chinese Year of the Dog and celebrate “Love Your Pet Day.”

Just think how fun it might be to give your pet their favorite treat. A Pet Psychic reading serve you well. Love your Pet!