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what is my dog thinking

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16 Feb

We love our pets! Friday, February 16, 2018 starts the Chinese New Year of The Dog.  Tuesday, February 20, 2018 is ‘Love Your Pet Day.” If you love animals, this is all very good news!

Have you ever wondered what’s up with your pet? Why do they do certain things? Why are they anxious? Is there such a thing as a message from a passed pet? Why does my pet dislike someone? What is their favorite food? What is their favorite thing to do? What is my dog thinking? What is my cat thinking?

Owning and interacting with your pet is a mutually beneficial experience. Pets get very tuned into their owners. Often their behavior is in response to the energy you emit or signals that you send.
For example, if you grab your car keys, your dog may suddenly appear by your side – ears up – ready to go. That is a signal. Does your cat run and hide when you get the cat carrier out? That is a signal.

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