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Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde, March 22 - April 15, 2018


Mercury goes into Retrograde on March 22, 2018 through April 15, 2018. You probably have already felt the energy. 

This generally means that for the next three weeks or so you may have to be on your toes. As far as new beginnings, you should probably put those off for now. A Mercury Retrograde is not usually prime time for starting something new. Instead, you may be forced to reevaluate, check and recheck all communication, deal with delays, perhaps deal with a computer or automotive fiasco, deal with quarrels, or redo all your appointments. Communication with loved ones probably needs to be handled carefully. A misunderstanding and lover’s quarrel caused by a Mercury Retrograde might be the frosting on the cake.

This Mercury Retrograde will be in Aries. Aries is generally considered to be impulsive, somewhat headstrong, full of passion about what they are experiencing or doing, and impatient. This may make people more stubborn than usual. It also may cause people to act first and ask questions later. All of this intense energy may influence people to only be focused on themselves and what they want. This might cause arguments or drama.

Making this Fiery Mercury Retrograde more interesting is the news that there is a pretty big solar storm coming our way. We are supposedly going to feel the effects from March 21-26. These storms are said to disrupt the earth’s electromagnetic field and may disrupt anything that has energy. This might include your aura, emotions, electrical devices and communications – kind of like a Mercury Retrograde in Aries.

When a solar storm hits earth with all of its energy, we might feel it strongly in our internal compass. A solar storm of this magnitude may make you feel everything with much more intensity than usual. If you are irritated, you may throw a temper tantrum instead of taking a moment to relax. People may be a little bit “off” and feel frightened, nervous, not able to pay attention, be more affected by loud noises than usual, may experience fleeting memory loss, and may generally find themselves reacting to things like a cat on a hot tin roof. Also, when this amount of energy bombards the body all at once (combined with a Mercury Retrograde), people may feel mentally and physically exhausted.

There are some steps you can take that may help you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to deal with all the energy thrown at you during a Solar Storm Mercury Retrograde.

You should probably take some time for yourself. A Spa Day might be a good idea. Enjoy a nice bath with bath salts. Take a peaceful walk on the beach or in the woods. Meditate for a few minutes throughout the day. Try to avoid mean, dramatic, or toxic people. Drink lots of water. Take a moment to reflect on how you are reacting to all of this energy. These positive protections should provide you with an opportunity to enjoy the information that your heightened senses are providing you without making you feel upset and overwhelmed.

Both the Mercury Retrograde in Aries and the Solar Storm should combine to provide you with an opportunity to deal with old wrongs with insight provided by your heightened senses. If you control your personal space in the universe, you may have an opportunity to get rid of old bad things and start anew. You should probably consider this a Mercury Retrograde on steroids.

Spring is seems to have truly sprung. All of this energy might just make it possible for you to control of your life by harnessing all this energy for your own benefit. It may make you take a hard look back with a super sense of awareness as you move forward into the rebirth Spring provides.

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