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Mercury Retrograde - June 26 through July 20

Mercury Retrograde is a good time to slow down.  Put into the simplest terms, Mercury goes into retrograde when it creates an optical illusion on the planetary charts looking like it is heading backwards.  When this happens, it creates all sort of Astrological havoc.  It is good that this one is happening during the summer, but it is Mercury retrograde so we don't want to get too excited.  Be sure to watch out for miscommunications, use caution when signing contracts, triple read your emails before sending, and be aware that travel could be a pain during this time period.  

This Mercury retrograde happens in Cancer.  Be especially aware that matters of business in the home and personal emotions can run high during this time.  Be patient with family members.  

A person can make the most of out of a mercury retrograde by not scheduling the signing of paperwork, taking extra time to work on projects that have already been started, and do followups for tasks that were started before the retrograde.  

Hang in there!  Love and light - PSI