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Mercury Retrograde in Gemini

Mercury will go into retrograde from May 18th through June 11th in 2015.  This retrograde takes place in Gemini.  Gemini by its very nature is generally prominent in communication.  A Mercury in Retrograde in Gemini may be very interesting indeed.  A retrograde usually is a good time to reflect on what has happened in order to truly understand what has been going on in your life.  Look at this as an opportunity to relax and examine the meaning of life.  A Mercury Retrograde is generally not a good time to start something new.  It is probably a good idea to take a look back - revamp and improve the way your life is organized.

It may be a good idea to edit, rewrite, research old proposals.  It may be a great time to look at your memories and break out of old thinking patterns that are not helpful.  It may also be a good time to take a look at the story you tell yourself about your life and those around you.  Something new may pop up that is truly amazing and helpful - leaving you wondering why you had not experienced this truth in the past.  

Of course, life does go on.  This Mercury Retrograde in Gemini may provide excitement in the form of lost mail, misdirected emails, having too many people commenting about you and mistakenly spreading misinformation, having your GPS send you in the wrong direction, watching your computer crash, misunderstanding simple instructions and the needs of those around you, accidently spilling to much information, mistaken identity, missing appointments, being stood up, texting the wrong person with a message, etc.  

Be aware that there generally is a "shadow" retrograde period that builds into the full-fledged retrograde.  You may experience the effects of the Mercury Retrograde two weeks before and up to two weeks after the actual dates of the Retrograde.  

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