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Oh no! Did you just have a really strange argument about nothing at all? How about being able to communicate clearly or even form a coherent thought? Did your computer crash? Does your phone have a lot of static. Miss your plane? Where is that homework assignment?  How is your car?  Where is your mail anyway?  Yikes.

Yep. Mercury is in retrograde from February 23 until March 17th this year. Since Mercury rules communication and retrograde means that everything seems to be spinning backward, beware!

Virgos and Geminis are ruled by Mercury. They will probably be unusually irritating and complain about anything and everything. This lack of organization can really throw Virgos for a loop – just saying. Give them a lot of slack. It will be over soon enough, and they will probably return to normal quickly.

A mercury retrograde may be the ideal time to tighten up loose ends. Clean out your closet. Finish projects. Examine areas of life that need work. If someone from the past calls, this might just be the ideal time to reconnect.

In order to salvage relationships and your life during a retrograde, the following suggestions may be helpful. Do not take negative comments personally – the other person may be confused. You may be confused.  Patience, my friends!

It could be wise to put off the purchase of large items. They are hard to return if something is wrong. Double check all contracts. If you have to travel, check everything over and over again.

Instead of starting new project, this should be the time to take a walk down memory lane, find out what an old love is up to, enjoy a blast from the past, actually take a hard look at your past and use it to move forward when the time comes.  Mercury Returgrade can be a gift.  Use it wisely.

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