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How we are different from other psychic lines -

Our psychic service works different from any other psychic lines. We have several different motivations to make a community of psychics and clients - but it mainly comes down to a few different factors in the psychic industry. We have been booking and testing psychic readers since 1991. We have survived many recessions, other psychic lines predatory behavior and other companies wanting to buy us out. The reason we have survived is because we have been dedicated to finding readers and dedicated to being fair for our clients. The psychic industry is very broad. There are many great psychics - and there are many not-so-great psychics. If you are going to pay for a reading, we believe you should get information about your life and your questions. We also believe on no surprises with charges and NO up-sells during readings. 

Our readers love us because they just get to read. They don't have to worry about a client being cheated or abused by our line. The readers get paid on time and without surprise fees. 
For clients, having us a a buffer between the client and the readers is important. It is also important to our readers to have us as a buffer for privacy reasons and for energy protection. 

Over the years, we have heard many deceptive industry practices. These practices usually happen when a psychic service gets too large to manage. These include - having 5 star profiles and putting "readers" with no experience on the 5 star line. (The company can make more this way by charging the customer the 5 star rate and paying the "reader" a 1 star salary.). We have heard of lines giving scripts to readers. We have heard of lines that let anyone make up a psychic profile. The psychic industry can be a dishonest place.  Billing issues - running up bills - not letting the clients know their charge up front - adding on charges --- We don't do any of those practices. Our clients know the exact charge before they book the reading - We offer fair pricing that is way less than the industry average. 
Our company has never used ANY of those practices.

Before readers join our line, they get tested by us. We know our readers - their strengths and abilities. We don't let other read for our readers - ever. Our readers are not scripted - they are telling the clients what the feel. 

It is safe to say - our line works VERY different from other lines. That is why we know that we are the best phone psychic service in the world. We are honest, dependable, trustworthy and have excellent psychic readers. 

Once a client calls and books with us once - they really don't go back to other services. The value of our line is very clear. 

All of these reasons are why we have many clients who have trusted us since 1991. It is really neat how many clients have been calling us for over two decades. We really have loved being part of their lives.
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