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How we are different from other psychic lines -

24 Sep

Our psychic service works different from any other psychic lines. We have several different motivations to make a community of psychics and clients - but it mainly comes down to a few different factors in the psychic industry. We have been booking and testing psychic readers since 1991. We have survived many recessions, other psychic lines predatory behavior and other companies wanting to buy us out. The reason we have survived is because we have been dedicated to finding readers and dedicated to being fair for our clients. The psychic industry is very broad. There are many great psychics - and there are many not-so-great psychics. If you are going to pay for a reading, we believe you should get information about your life and your questions. We also believe on no surprises with charges and NO up-sells during readings. 

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7 Tips for getting more value out of your psychic reading.

28 Jun

When you purchase a psychic reading, you definitely want to make the most of your time with the reader. Here are five tips on getting the most out of your psychic reading.

1. Know what you want to focus the psychic on. Do you want a general reading or do your want a specific question answered by the psychic. You want to know what you are expecting from the reading and let the reader get right into the issues to help with the problem in your life. Or, just get a basic reading letting the reader pick up on your energy without a specific topic or question.

2. Clear your energy. Be sure to take a minute or two to focus on the issue at hand before calling the psychic reader. Take a few deep breathes, relax and focus on new positive energy entering your space. Light a white candle.

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