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Astrological Holiday Shopping Guide

Hope you have fun shopping for the holidays.  The following astrological gift guide should help you choose the best possible gift from the heart.  Sun signs can give us helpful hints.  Happy shopping!

Aries:  This sign is all about physical activity.  They have lots of nervous energy and can be a challenge when they are bored.  Good suggestions include roller blades or other sporting goods, an instant or digital camera (no waiting for pictures), video games, Starbucks gift certificates, tools, puzzles, tickets to some sort of sporting event, a hot air balloon ride, models to construct, etc.  I think you get the idea.  Keep your Aries busy mentally and physically.   Wrap your gift in red paper to appeal to your fiery Aries.

Taurus:  Ruled by Venus and love beauty and indulgence.  They like money – a gift card could be a good idea, perfumes and colognes, really good chocolates, necklaces, a fine bottle of wine, a Spa day, an investment book, a gourmet meal at a chef’s table, silk ties, scarves, a soft bathrobe, undergarments, clunky bracelets, etc.  Shop elegantly for your Taurus.  Make sure you wrap your present in a sparkling, elegant fashion.  Use lots of silver and gold to remind your Taurus that they are special.

Gemini:  This sign is interested in communication.  They can never have too many books (buy a how to book or better yet a bookstore gift certificate), clothing (lightweight sweatshirts are a great choice), a really nice pen, a computer book, tickets to a lecture series, a movie for their movie library, a Blackberry, a new cell phone, a watch, etc.  Think entertainment and communication for your Gemini.  Wrap your gift with contemporary wrapping paper in strong, contrasting colors.  A busy and bold pattern will catch the eye of your Gemini.

Cancer:  Love home and family.  Suggestions include a gift certificate to kitchen or restaurant supply store, a cookbook, coffee table books, National Geographic Magazines, gourmet hot chocolates, home entertainment ideas, a gift certificate to Home Depot or Lowe’s, genealogy software, holiday decorations, holiday recipes, a cooking demonstration, a massage at home, a special gift made by you (food, artwork, crafts) etc.  Cancers are all about home and that personal touch.  The key to their heart is home and hearth.  Make sure you wrap the gift yourself with a special hand made touch to appeal to your Cancer.  

Leo:  Like to be the center of attention.  They would probably like theater tickets to a local production, a movie theater gift certificate, concert tickets for a garage band, a flashy watch, dinner at the local hot spot, fancy jewelry, a set of fine wine glasses or crystal, hair products, a nice hat, a really nice portfolio case or briefcase, distinctive luggage, fine wine with an unusual name or label, a evening at a jazz club with an open mike, anything unique that draws attention, etc.  Leo’s like to have people focus on them and enjoy attention.  Be sure to wrap you gift in bright purple with a big gold ribbon in order to captivate your Leo’s attention.

Virgo:  Are modest, health conscious, and kind.  They like simple elegance.  They would probably enjoy a home gym or exercise equipment, exercise videos, a gym membership, a book on stock tips, a leather organizer or calendar, a pet or a donation for an endangered species in their name, a PDA, a nice understated bottle of wine, a big calculator, a universal remote control, books on health and home remedies, picture books of animals or nature, anything to organize their drawers, home organizers for the closet, etc.  Virgos are kind hearted.  Appeal to your Virgo’s need for organization and simplicity by wrapping their gift neatly in a monochromatic fashion.  

Libra:  Like partnerships, beauty, and social occasions.  They are notorious for their love of sweets.  Chocolates (really good chocolates, gourmet hot chocolate, gourmet coffee, books on self improvement or beauty, spa treatment, cashmere sweaters, paintings or sculptures, a nice gold pen, picture frames, pictures of friends and family, trivia or word games, a makeover, salon gift certificate, fine wines, a romantic dinner, delicate and engraved jewelry, etc.  Remember to look for something to fill your Libra’s need for social interaction and beauty.  Wrap your gift in bright sparkly paper with lots and lots of ribbon to make your Libra’s heart swell with anticipation.  

Scorpio:  Are always interested in a good mystery.  Challenge your Scorpio with puzzles, mystery books, and complicated computer games.  Other suggestions include cologne, a telescope, binoculars, carved candles, mystery books, a gift certificate to a spy store, subscriptions to mystery magazines, books on the occult, books about famous crimes, tickets to a sporting event, silk underwear, magic tricks, rings, etc.  Anything that appeals to the sensual or mysterious will probably excite your Scorpio.  Make sure that you disguise the gift so they can’t guess what is inside. Wrap the gift in dark green or burgundy with a contrasting ribbon to appeal to your curious Scorpio.  

Sagittarius:  Generally love to learn.  They are perpetually young and adventuresome.  Purchase suggestions include  a backpack, hiking boots, a tent, really good binoculars, night vision binoculars, a joke book for the bathroom, take them to a comedy club, buy a model airplane that really flies, bubble stuff for really big bubbles, a dragon kite, trivia games, books on off-beat places to go, take them to a lecture on travel to exotic places, cookbooks from foreign lands, books on world religion and philosophy, video games that involve car racing, a smoker, etc.  Don’t waste your time on a lot of fancy wrappings for your Sagittarius, because they are usually only interested in the contents.  Don’t use a lot of tape.  It will dampen their youthful enthusiasm to have to wait to get to the goodies inside.

Capricorn:  Love beauty, career, and discipline.  This makes shopping for them a joy.  Suggestions include real leather accessories like a nice wallet or an organizer, an atomic clock, nice ties or scarves, tennis racquet or lessons, golf equipment or lessons, fine wines, theater tickets, fine art, grooming supplies, travel kits, thin and elegant watches, bath oils, massages, nice leather gloves, cologne, biographies about successful people, books that will help with career, a gift certificate to a bookstore, etc.  Capricorns are practical, elegant and hardworking.  Wrap their gift in a very sleek package with shiny, earth tone paper with a matching narrow ribbon to appeal to their need for beauty and economy.

Aquarius:  Are interested in humanity and knowledge.  Look for books on human achievement, warm socks, soft pajamas, music, incense, slippers, magic markers, art supplies, books on philosophy, science fiction, role-playing computer games, mood rings, jewelry with lots of sparkling beads, concert tickets, electronic gadgets of all sorts, coffee table books, art books, books with animal pictures, horseback riding lessons, donations to animal charities in their name, a herb garden, cookbooks, dinner at a healthy restaurant, fresh flowers, etc.  Aquarius is open to new ideas.  Wrap their presents creatively with lots of bright, unusual colors and flashy ribbons to get their attention.

Pisces:  Like emotions, spirituality, and illusions.  Buy your Pisces abstract paintings, books of poetry, cruise tickets, swim wear, water socks, floating candles, pedicure, books about marine life, coffee table books on the ocean, pearls, theater tickets, wind chimes, mystical jewelry, dangly earrings, slipper socks, foot oil, take them to an art film, purchase a book on mysticism or dream interpretation, essential oils, give them a massage, feed their emotions and take them for a walk on the beach or along a river followed by a dinner overlooking the water.  Wrap their gift with greens and blues that shimmer and change like the ocean and their emotions to make their Holiday special.

We hope that you find these suggestions helpful.  The Original Solutions psychics at the psychic line known for quality want you to have a happy and safe holiday season.  Our tested phone psychics should be able to help you with the relationship challenges you may face over the holidays.  Give us a call if you have issues.  We have insight that may be helpful if you feel stressed.

The Original Solution Psychics offer Holiday Gift Certificates.  We will be glad to send you a specially printed gift certificate to fit your specifications.  Just call the office for details.  


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