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Are we soulmates? Is he my soulmate?

30 Jan

Is he my soulmate? Are we soulmates?

Soulmates usually recognize each other fairly quickly. Even if they don’t immediately recognize each other, they will have a certain affinity that they can’t explain. Your soulmate will be comfortable to be around. If you and your soulmate are young and not ready for a commitment, you may not date right away. You might always stay in contact with that person and love may flourish when you are both ready. You can have more than one soulmate. Soulmate is a broad term for a person who mirrors your energy. You learn life lessons from a soulmate. Soulmates help you heal past heartaches.

You will probably have more than one soulmate. A soulmate can be a friend, best friend, lover or spouse. Soulmates are more common than twin flames, but they may also be more compatible.