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5 ways to be more mindful and live more positively

Being mindful is very important toward a spiritual life.  It helps us focus attention on personal goals and life focus.  Here are 5 tips to becoming more mindful in day to day life.  It is also a way to bring more positivity in your life as a whole.  

1.  When you wake up in the morning, be thankful for the good things in your life.  For instance, it is wonderful to lay in bed perfectly still and focus on the warmth of the bed.  

2.  After focusing on a personal comfort in the morning that you are thankful for, set a goal to do a certain positive action throughout the day.  For instance, focus on smiling at 6 strangers during the day.  Make sure you accomplish the task of smiling at 6 strangers during the day and see how they respond.  

3.  While eating breakfast, focus on the texture of the food and be thankful to have nourishment for the day.  

4.  Practice breathing in a moment of stress.  When you feel acute stress, step back and take a deep breathe before reacting.  

5.  In the evening, make sure to make a list of 5 positive things that happened to you during the course of the day.