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Mercury Retrograde

2018 March 23–April 15 - Mercury Retrograde Most Affected Sun Signs

The Mercury Retrograde that started during the Solar Storm on March 23rd appears to be in full swing. A Mercury Retrograde is thought to occur when Mercury seems to roll backwards in its movement around the sun. This planet is thought to influence all communication. This is often considered a good time to pay close attention to communication and schedules, avoid starting new things, avoid signing new legal documents, avoid downloading anything new for your computer, and note that people may be more likely to have misunderstandings than usual. Mercury Retrogrades usually happen several times a year. These times are generally thought to be better for reflection and evaluating the past than a time to try to begin something new.

Interestingly, three Sun Signs appear to be more negatively affected than the other signs during this Retrograde. This confusing energy may be amplified by the recent solar storm. The three Sun Signs that may be the “lucky” recipients of the most unsettling energy are thought to be Aries, Gemini, and Virgo.

This particular Mercury Retrograde is reported to take place in Aries. This may make the already energetic Aries feel full of themselves, able to accomplish anything, and as a result - forget to think of those around them. Too much enthusiasm may make others feel irritated with their behavior in general. It may be a good idea for Aries to take a moment and reflect about how others perceive them. They may be able to share your enthusiasm if you slow down a little and allow them to catch up.

Another Sun Sign that may find this particular Mercury Retrograde somewhat challenging may be Gemini. Geminis might find themselves very annoyed or in an argument with their closest friends, lovers, or family. Anything that is not positive in relationships may suddenly appear to be amplified. Geminis may find it very difficult to address any issues that might arise, causing them to perhaps feel that friendships and lovers are moving out of their realm. If Geminis find themselves getting upset with those closest, it might be a good idea take a step back and relax. 

Finally, Virgo is another Sun Sign that may face problems during this Mercury Retrograde. This particular period may cause financial confusion. Virgo’s might hear “the check is in the mail.” Money that usually comes in on time may be mysteriously delayed. Virgos may find that they need to keep a very close eye on all of their accounts, including credit cards in order to make sure there are no Retrograde-induced financial mistakes. It also might be a good time to stick with the known regarding business. Starting something new could prove to be more trouble than it is worth.

This Mercury Retrograde in Aries combined with the effects of the solar storm might make the current Mercury Retrograde more challenging for Aries, Gemini, and Virgo. These Sun Signs should be able to weather the storm, if they remember to take it slow and use this insight about the Retrograde in order to enhance their awareness and ability to deal with this Mercury Retrograde challenge!