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Why would a psychic reader ask for my birthday?

There are many reasons a psychic reader - either in person or on the phone - will ask for a client's birthday before doing a psychic reading. The most obvious is that a psychic may use astrology as a tool to connect with the client. A little less obvious is that the psychic may need to hear a client's voice to pick up on the client's energy to proceed with the reading. It is not bad if a reader asks for a client's birthday it is just a way of connecting with the client to give an excellent psychic reading. Sometimes a client is not comfortable giving their birthday to the reader, if that is the case we encourage the client to let the reader know they do not want to give their birthday when asked.

We give specials to our clients in the month of their birthday. Please call the office to see what the special is and we will be happy to book a reading!