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Which is better a phone psychic reading or a psychic reading in person?

A very common question that we get asked in the office is why would someone get a phone reading? Aren't readings in person better? 

We believe that clients can get accurate psychic readings by phone or in person. However, we do believe that over the phone there are certain advantages. When a client goes into a psychic shop, the client usually does not know what type of psychic will be doing the reading. It's hard to tell if that psychic will do an accurate reading or not. The client is in that reader's hands with no guarantees. Also, the psychic is able to see the client and can prejudge what type of person is in front of them by physical assets or even the type of car the client is driving.  

When you get a phone reading through our company there are many benefits. First, the psychic does not get to see the client in person. There are no prejudgements made based on any physical characteristic or material item. When the psychic picks up the phone is when the psychic starts getting energy. The reader picks up on the energy the client brings through voice vibrations. With voice vibrations providing energy instead of prejudgements based on looks, the client gets a more accurate psychic reading. 

Our office staff are experts in testing psychic readers. We have been testing our readers before putting them on our line for over 20 years. By completing test readings, it assures our clients that we know the reader is accurate before we put them on our line. Every reading, every reader and every situation is different. Making our readers true professional psychics who really want to help. 

We prefer phone readings because the reader does not have a chance to prejudge a person by how they look.