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Where should I get a psychic reading?

There are many places you can get a phone reading.  We have had clients call from spas, hotels, restaurants, home and on the go.  The great thing with phone readings is that you can get insight at any time you want.  However, we do have a few recommendations on the best place to get a psychic reading. 

We recommend a client gets a reading in a comfortable, quiet place where the client feels free of other people's energy.  Being comfortable makes the client's energy more clear for the psychic to pick up on.  A client should also consider being alone for the reading.  We find that our clients can have enough energy on them at any given time for the reader to pick up on, having an extra person around can mislead the reader into reading their energy instead of the client's.  Also, as a client you will want to ask questions of the psychic.  If there is another person around, you might not feel comfortable asking all sorts of questions.  

It is important to go into a reading with clean energy.  In order to clear your energy, we recommend lighting a white candle and saying a peaceful meditation before calling the psychic.  

Please understand that we (and our psychic readers) completely understand that sometimes it is absolutely essential to get a reading when a client is out and about.  We never mind speaking to any of our clients.  Sometimes it just happens when the client is needing a reading at the salon or at work.  We will try to help as much as possible at any time and any place.  

Love and light!  - R