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Venus Retrograde October and November 2018

2018 October/November Venus Retrograde 

Venus is going to go retrograde in Scorpio starting on October 5 through October 31st (Halloween) and moving into Libra October 31st through November 16th.. This retrograde movement from intense, passionate Scorpio into relationship ready Libra should cause people to take a hard look at how they handle their love life. 

This hard look will generally include how your sexual experience feels, intimacy issues, how you communicate with your loved one, relationship balance (Are both of your sharing?), division of daily duties, and if your relationship truly meets your most important needs.

Your Sun Sign may be influenced by this important retrograde in some significant ways. A psychic reading from a tested telephone psychic at The Psychic Line by Paramount Solutions, Inc. may be able to help you focus on and understand what is going on inside your head and inside your partner’s head. 

What is really going on? Psychic advice provided by our love psychics or relationship specialists while the Halloween Veil is thin should help you take control of the direction of your life.

Aries may realize that love is not a prison.

Taurus might have to quit being overly responsible and learn to let go.

Gemini should probably give up the idea that they have to give up their own desires in order to keep everyone “happy.”

Cancer will probably start to realize that they really do deserve love.

Leo may have to focus attention on home instead of their social life.

Virgo might have to be mindful of giving away too much of themselves.

Libra should be able to focus on being a little more assertive about what they want and need.

Scorpio would probably be wise to take a favorable look at themselves instead of being overly critical.

Sagittarius might have to learn to back away from false friends and realize it is ok to have standards.

Capricorn generally should focus on examining relationships and making sure that they are a two-way street.

Aquarius will probably find it beneficial to just be who you really are without explanation.

Pisces may need to make note that their dreams and desires are important, too.

The effects on Sun Signs by this Halloween Venus Retrograde should offer a little bit of insight and understanding regarding your relationships. A call to a phone psychic reader should be able to help you gain control of your life by providing you with specific information about your unique situation.