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Sun sign Effects of the Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017

Sun sign Effects of the Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017

The Great American Solar Eclipse, August 21, 2017 – Astrology Sun Sign Effects

Aries – The Great American Solar Eclipse should provide you with the chance to look inward and make some positive changes in your energy field.  Aries generally loves a challenge, so this dramatic solar eclipse will probably invigorate you and help you let go of something that is not so great in your life.  It appears that something or someone exciting and new will appear on the horizon.

Taurus – The Great American Solar Eclipse will generally be a time for getting back to the basics.  If someone is doubting you or your intentions, this should be a good time to set them straight.  Other people may be making decisions based on their own fears.  This may require a little patience on your part, however, reassuring someone might just help you solidify your relationships.

Gemini – The Great American Solar Eclipse should provide you with a reminder to focus on what is really important in your life.  This is generally the right time to eliminate clutter in your mind and in your life.  If you are doing way too much in a relationship, the opportunity to reassess what is important to you should present itself.  Remember, complications are not necessarily helpful.  Take a breath and simply – enjoy!

Cancer – The Great American Solar Eclipse is probably a good time to clean house.  Take a look around and get rid of things that no longer serve a useful purpose.  Tender Cancers often cling to people and things in a sentimental way.  Once you get rid of the clutter of too much stuff, you should feel free to enjoy your relationships and remind you that “stuff” and other people are not more important than the truly significant loves in your life.

Leo – The Great American Solar Eclipse is generally going to be a time for you to reflect and analyze what you want to accomplish in your life.  You should probably stop basking in the sun of your brilliant personality and take a moment to consider if and why things seem to be stalled.  Once you look inward, address your fears, and understand your true self, you should be able to make positive changes that may dramatically improve your love life.  

Virgo – The Great American Solar Eclipse should provide you with the opportunity to examine things that are hidden.  It is very common for a Virgo to be focused on the tangible and practical.  However, focusing on your inner compass and tuning into your spiritual side may help you achieve true spiritual growth.  This may be a time of psychic growth and awakening.  You should probably write down your dreams and strive for spiritual wisdom.  This wisdom should be helpful as you move forward with your real and true loves.

Libra – The Great American Solar Eclipse may be quite the experience for Libras.  Anything that is out of balance in your love life or relationships in general might be brought into intense focus.  This should be a good time to reach out to real friends and helpful acquaintances in order to provide you with insight in achieving your goals.  Partnership is usually very important to Libra.  This eclipse should provide you with a way of ensuring that you align with those that provide real love and support.

Scorpio – The Great American Solar Eclipse might provide you with an opportunity to get out of a rut.  If you are running your relationships and life in general on automatic, the eclipse may be the perfect time the rethink what you are doing.  Making the decision to lay groundwork for a better future should come in handy as you move forward to broadening your sphere of life, love and inner peace.  This may be an especially good time to focus on your career.  There may be a male that might be a good future resource in regard to growth.

Sagittarius – The Great American Solar Eclipse seems to be an important time for you to be able to get right to the truth of things.  Sagittarius may have had some difficult times recently and been forced into confronting things in their life that might have resulted in some forced decisions.  The Eclipse should lighten the load and allow you to see your relationships and other issues in a new light.  This should allow you to gain an important, new way of looking at things and provide a start to a more fun time.

Capricorn – The Great American Solar Eclipse will probably encourage you to finally get to the bottom of things.  It may often appear to you that there are things lurking just below the surface that need to be dealt with.  Shining lights into previously darkened corners will generally reveal exciting, previously missed information that should allow positive changes and make your relationships much stronger and more comfortable.  The opportunity to look at things in a new light should be very positive.

Aquarius – The Great American Solar Eclipse should be a great time for you to experience a positive and happy shift in your love life and relationships at work.  A previously hidden problem will probably be revealed.  This will probably be something completely from left field.  This may be a gift from above that finally explains some unknowns, allows you to deal with the problem, and put yourself into a position of strength and security.  As you work through this situation, true love and true friends should be revealed.

Pisces – The Great American Solar Eclipse will probably provide a reminder to you that good intentions are not always enough.  You may be confronted with someone calling you out for not following through on your verbal promises.  Your difficulties might be due to the fact that you may be trying to please too many people and are spread too thin.  This should be a good time to prioritize and make sure your actions speak louder than empty promises.  

The Great American Solar Eclipse seems to provide opportunities and challenges for each and every Astrological Sun Sign.  Remember that a solar eclipse generally involves male energy that needs to be dealt with.  
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