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Solar Eclipse and energy - Sun and Moon

The Great American Solar Eclipse – The Great Disrupter

On August 21, 2017 The Great American Solar Eclipse will occur when the Sun and the Moon are both in Leo.  Leo is a fixed earth sign and is a sign of expression and creative ideas that happen with a great deal of drama.  This combination might make things pretty exciting and intense.

The Great American Solar Eclipse may be disruptive.  This might be scary, but it will probably provide you with an opportunity to clear out bad energy in your life and provide insight into important issues you may need to resolve.  

A Solar Eclipse usually involved male energy (A Lunar Eclipse usually is about female energy).  This eclipse will generally involve us being forced to step up and deal with an important male figure.  This person could be a lover, husband, child, boss, friend, etc.  

Since the Solar Eclipse takes place in Leo, you might have to take center stage and express yourself in a firm, eloquent manner.  Hopefully, this performance will be the catalyst that leads to a real and harmonious change for the better.