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Prediction for the week of January 9, 2019

The Psychic Line by Paramount Solutions, Inc. thinks that sharing a prediction for the week starting Wednesday, January 9, 2019, will be interesting. You can take this opportunity to see how a general trend applies to you.

This week’s prediction is that there will a tendency for people to exhibit a tendency toward aggressiveness, defiance, and exhibit strong convictions. People may feel the urge to resist suggestions, communication and avoid change or new ideas. This general trend may cause some explosions or temper tantrums as you move through the week.

If you feel an inclination to dig in and stick to your guns or experience someone else digging in, don’t be surprised. These tendencies generally affect most areas of your life. For example, if you have a work meeting, don’t be surprised if people seem a little bit argumentative and stubborn in defending their positions. 

If you are trying to solve a problem or issue in a love relationship, you may find that your lover finds it hard to hear you and may refuse to give any credence to what you are trying to say. They might just blow your concerns off as if they don’t exist.

If you have people you are trying to supervise, they might be very uncooperative. If you have children, they may act out in a very defiant manner.

Fortunately, the moon’s influence should provide a somewhat calming influence as the week draws to a close. The moon moves from Sagittarius, into Capricorn, then ends up in Pisces. 

The moon, which generally rules feeling, should start us out with a desire for freedom, then make us examine things critically, and finally end up with an emphasis on a creative way to solve the problems that may have cropped up due somewhat aggressive tendencies that people may experience.

People may not want to commit anything at the beginning of the week, then move to criticizing and examining the details of any issues that they may be facing, into looking for gentle and creative ways to approach life.

If you experience any of these feelings or experiences, please give us a call at The Psychic Line in order for us to help you see what is going on. How are you and those around you affected?

A tested telephone psychic at The Psychic Line should be able to sort out issues and provide true insight into your life as you move forward into the next week. Let us know how our prediction worked out for you.