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Please read this! Thanks!

Thanks for your time. We want to explain how we work and what makes us different. We are a small, independently owned psychic phone reading line.

We are not associated with any other psychic service. This makes us stand out because we are honest, trustworthy, serious and helpful for our clients. 

Our company was founded in 1991 in North Carolina. We moved the main office to Orlando in the summer of 1997. 

Our main goal as a company is to offer quality, accurate psychic readings by phone. We want to help our clients with life issues and relationships.  In order to book a reading, the client calls us. We do not message or call our clients - if anyone reaches out to you on FB and says they are from our company - that is NOT us! We know you will call us when you need us.

After initially calling us to set up the appointment and choose a reader, the client picks the amount of time they want to speak. We always have our clients choose the amount of time with zero sales pressure. It's important to us to treat our clients with respect. We always have new client specials and current client specials. 

Our readers are all clairvoyant. Some readers use Tarot Cards, Angels, spirit guides, mediumship, numerology, dream interpretation - there are many ways to do psychic readings. We look for readers with a minimum of 20 years experience. We do not train psychics not do we ever give the readers any prompting. 

We recommend our clients take notes in their readings - and keep the notes. It's fun to see what parts come true! When you have notes, it makes it possible to look back and be amazed. 

Our readers can all read with or without questions. Meaning if you have a specific question to ask, you're encouraged to ask. But you don't have to ask a question - you can get a general reading and focus on questions as they arise in the reading. 
We hope to hear from you soon! 

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