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New Moon, October 8, 2018

New Moon, October 8, 2018

The New Moon moves into Libra on October 8th. Libra tends to be all about relationships, and The New Moon should make everyone more aware of the feelings important people in your life are experiencing  This awareness will probably make you want to provide love and comfort to those you love.

This particular New Moon should keep the general emphasis on women’s issues and the plight of single parents. It is also probably a great time where people focus on health and well-being by making changes in diet or exercise routines. This New Moon will also provide an opportunity to change your life by eliminating the toxicity in all of its forms that may have taken hold - physical, mental, and spiritual.

The effects of The New Moon in Libra will last about four weeks when the November 7th New Moon takes over. The best time to deal with any toxic or negative issues in your life - especially regarding relationships - will generally be the first two weeks of The New Moon.

Happily, the stars have aligned to provide you a great opportunity to take care of those nagging problems that have plagued you for a long time. You will probably be able to finally complete old projects, polish old skills at work, add some new skills, and be able to use your empathic abilities to enhance your life and the life of those you are in contact with.

It is probably important to note that because of The New Moon’s emphasis on your empathic nature (this is where you feel how others are feeling), you should make a concerted effort to surround yourself with positive energy. Negative people and psychic vampires might derail your positive plans and your could find yourself stuck in very negative, difficult situations or bad relationships.

You should make note that if you make positive changes and push negativity away, there could be a backlash. You should be prepared to calmly and confidently defend your decisions to make positive adjustments in your life. Your life-changing impetus will probably make you feel much stronger and more confident in your choices as you move forward. You may have to deal with drama or difficult people if complications arise. Often others (especially negative people) often don’t respond well when someone makes changes and leaves them behind. 

Your physical well-being is important. The New Moon in Libra should provide you with the inspiration to adjust your diet, exercise properly, check your overall health, and give you the ability to identify things that are physically or mentally toxic to you. The October New Moon in Libra is pretty much a great time to identify and improve your mental health, physical well-being, your spiritual health, and provide you an opportunity to get rid of the toxic issues that drag you down.

A call to a tested telephone psychic that uses their clairvoyant, empathic, spiritual, intuition, tarot card interpretation, medium, or channelling abilities to provide insight into the issues you face should be helpful indeed.

The Psychic Line by Paramount Solutions and a consultation with a psychic reader that can help you work with The New Moon in Libra should be helpful with your love life, family, relationships, your personal well being, how to rid yourself of toxicity, and other areas of concern. The October New Moon in Libra might be a life-changing opportunity. Give us a call on how to proceed and take control of your life.