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Moving forward into Fall 2018

Moving forward into Fall 2018

The summer of retrogrades is officially over. There may be some lingering energy. Your intuition should be enhanced and your inner voice will probably be accurate. You may experience an epiphany of sorts. Be sure to listen to your heart as you move forward and not let progress be derailed by a lingering sense of nervous energy because of the long Summer of Retrogrades.

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If you want general information, some astrological information follows for the influences:

Aries - You may feel very energized and nervous because some of your secrets and buried emotions have been clarified and revealed.. This should provide you with an opportunity to realize your true purpose and allow you to successfully navigate and weather the storms that all the recent Retrograde energy may have stirred up. Peaceful Pisces may help you calmly d take control of your truth. 

Taurus - This period should provide you with an opportunity to take a break and have some fun. You should probably reach out to some of your neglected friends or lovers and share your feelings and thoughts. Positive new experiences and adventures await if you just take the time to relax and enjoy. You may meet some important new people as you try new things. A new perspective from others may be a big help as you move forward and learn from the lessons the Summer of Retrogrades provided.

Gemini - The Summer of Retrogrades was probably a challenge. Thankfully, any needed changes should be in motion. Miscommunications should settle down and you may find that you can express yourself in a positive, gentle fashion. Your love life should be more balanced. If you have been anxious during this trying time, it is now time to let go of your frustrations. Also, focus on work efficiency. You should reap some nice rewards.

Cancer - This time should help you zero in on all the positives in your life. This particular summer was probably very trying for Cancers. All of the emphasis on answering for past transgressions and falsehoods - and the price to be paid has probably been dealt with. Now is the time for growth in your relationships and new opportunities in your field of work. Travel opportunities out of the country might materialize. 

Leo - This is probably a great time to embrace change instead of resisting it. Pay attention to your Internal Compass when it comes time to make adjustments to your life. Enjoy your newly awakened instincts and don’t hesitate to take a few risks. Your love life should be on the right track, if you don’t take your partner for granted. Work issues should also be fairly easy to deal with as long as you pay attention to what needs to be done instead of ducking your head and resisting change.

Virgo - The summer energy probably affected you in a very intense manner. All of the psychic energy swirling around this summer probably had you very much on edge. Virgos tend to like to know and control what is going on around them. You should feel a sense of relief as the energy of gentle Pisces calms things down. Remember, to be gentle and kind to others and don’t take your frustrations out on them. Your love life may improve greatly if you show your gentle, vulnerable side and share your feelings.

Libra - You may have undergone a radical change this summer. The past needed to be sorted out and reckoned with. Once this has been accomplished, you may find that your love life, family relationships, your daily routine, work, and new friends are a treasure. Physically, you may have been forced to take a break and rest. Libra is all about balance. All the psychic energy swirling around you had to be tiring. Now is the time to meditate, go to the spa, visit places and people you love, enjoy nature, and relax.

Scorpio - This sign is noted for being intense. The Mars Retrograde that took place this summer probably amped up your intensity and probably provided you with some real insight. You will finally have the opportunity to ease up and have some silly fun. This may be a great time to flirt with your loved one or flirt with someone new. Your attractiveness should be hard to resist. Bring out your inner child and have some fun. 

Sagittarius - The truth of this Summer of Retrogrades was probably that you need to focus on family and hearth instead of always looking at the horizon. While it is fun to learn and try out new things, you cannot neglect your lover and/or your family. Be sure to include them in your adventures. If problems were revealed during the summer of truth, this should give you the insight and opportunity to deal with them.

Capricorn - This could be a great time to schedule some short trips. It seems that you should be able to reconnect with those you love and care about. Some of the truths revealed this summer should settle people down and gradually pave the way to reconciliation. Even though you are usually correct in your analysis of a situation, you need to focus on handling and sharing your knowledge in an empathetic way. Your friends and loved ones also may provide insight and help that you need.

Aquarius - This was an especially intense Summer of Truth for Aquarians. You probably feel that you have made a permanent change - both internally and externally. The summer was generally very difficult and disturbing. Your relationships should gain balance and strength as you move forward with a Pisces influence. Your finances should stabilize and work should improve due to your attention to detail and creativity.

Pisces - Your Internal Compass and super psychic powers are finally being utilized fully. Strength from the summer of truth should give you the opportunity to take control of your destiny. If you paused something, now might be a great time to restart. Trust your intuition - especially in relationships - and accept the gift of insight from the universe. Secrets have probably revealed and you are in a great position to achieve all your wishes and dreams.

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