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Independently owned - We are NOT affiliated with any other psychic service.

We are a small, independently owned psychic phone reading line. We are NOT affiliated with any other psychic service. If you look around in the psychic industry, many of the psychic lines are actually owned by the same companies. They are giant corporations and some will let anyone work for them. 

We have always been independent. We care about our psychic readers AND the quality or their readings. We personally book the appointments for our clients with the readers. Everything about our booking experience is personal. We know our readers. We help our clients choose a reader who can help with a certain issue. 

We test in house. Our booking agents are the first line of testers for the psychics when they apply to be a reader with our company. 

We know what type of reader works well with our client base. Running a psychic service for over 20 years AND working with the clients personally is quite the job! Our entire psychic line is based on our clients calling us back because they enjoyed the reading AND found the reading accurate AND received good advice from a caring source. 

We are completely independent. We are small. We focus on a quality experience. Psychic readings by phone are accurate and fun.