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Hurricane Irma Update

Hello to all of our blog readers and clients - 

We wanted to post something to let everyone know that we will be experiencing some issues in the week ahead. We are in the path of hurricane Irma. Our home office and our staff has prepared all week for the hurricane. We all have our houses boarded up, lots of food and water and have our prayer candles set. 

We are expecting the storm to arrive on Sunday (9-10) in the morning and last through Tuesday (9-12) evening. There will be power outages but we do have generators all ready to work. If you get a "all circuits are busy" message, please keep trying. That just has to do with the call volume to Florida. The line will open at some point. 

There will be some things we cannot control this week - the phones and the power will both be issues at times. If you can't get through, please wait a little while and call us back. We do not plan on closing at this point. Our readers and clients are very important to us and we want to be there for all of them. We do ask that you bear with us this week. We will try very hard to stay up and running. 

Both of our readers who live near Florida coastal areas, Faith and Elizabeth, have evacuated. They both chose to go to New Jersey - SO we predict that New Jersey will be safe from the storm. They are accurate with their predictions so we know you're safe NJ!

Our staff members have all dealt with past hurricanes. We have checked in with everyone and at this point, everyone is safe and comfortable. 

We genuinely thank everyone for their concern, prayers and meditations for us. We send love and light to every single one of you. We will try to do our usual Facebook Live this week on Tuesday or Wednesday. It just depends on how the week goes. 

May you all be surrounded with pure light. We really are so grateful for our clients and psychic readers.