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How can I tell if a psychic medium is connecting with the correct spirit?

How can I tell if a psychic medium is connecting with the correct spirit?

A psychic medium can connect with loved ones who have crossed over. A psychic medium may also connect with many other people who have crossed over that were not directly in your life before they crossed. Sometimes a person who you see needs to hear a message from a loved one and the spirit will take your psychic medium's time to get the message through. Getting the right spirit to come through is a challenge facing a psychic medium and can affect the quality of your psychic reading.

Many psychic mediums pick up on symbols and visuals of things that have meaning to the crossed spirit and the client. If a psychic symbol has meaning to you, let the medium know. If the psychic medium finds out it is the correct spirit, the medium can continue with that energy. Sometimes psychic signs and symbols can be confusing to the person who is being read.

Sometimes a very small detail will help identify the correct spirit. Sometimes a spirit's energy is so strong, it is nearly impossible to shake the energy whether it is the correct spirit or not. Some spirits are pushy and push their way to the front of the line, so to speak! Be patient, once that spirit gets their message through, it will give time for another energy to come through. The signs and symbols are very important to make sure you have the correct spirit.

One tip we like to share is to not lead the psychic medium in the reading. Sometimes we are so anxious to get to speak with a crossed over loved one that our energy can affect the channeling abilities of the psychic. Please go into the reading with open, clean, positive energy that will allow the psychic not to be intimidated or lead in the wrong direction.


Updated July 2019