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Happy Fall Equinox - It is a wonderful time for a psychic reading

Happy Fall Equinox! 

On Friday, September 22 at 4:02pm we will be celebrating fall. We wanted to share some tips for you to help clear energy and make way for wonderful, positive energy. 

It is the end of summer - this is a wonderful time to get outside and enjoy nature. Some people like to bring into the home some beautiful things from outside. Leaves, dropped branches, some soil, gourds and pine cones are all beautiful and natural ways to bring the outside in and honor the change of the season. 

Just observing fall is a wonderful way to celebrate the season. Fall is such a beautiful season - savor every second. It seems like the leaves fall fast. Be sure to take it in!

Every season change it is helpful to re-examine your goals. This helps you remained focused and moving in the right direction. 

The days are going to get noticeably shorter in the next couple months. It is nice to have candles for natural light. I personally love to switch to all fall scented candles. Not everyone can use scented candles in their home - please use cautiously. Bringing light into your home can help keeping your spirit positive. 

Give thanks to the earth. 

Call your Libra friends! They are loves and really love to hear from their friends. It’s their birthday month soon. They would love to hear from you. 

Call your favorite psychic reader to get the scoop on what to look out for in the next few months. Getting readings at the beginning of the year, on your birthday and at the beginning of seasons is very helpful.

Celebrate your harvest! If you are not a farmer, you can always celebrate the things you brought into your home and the successes you have accomplished over the summer. By focusing your energy on your successes, you can go into fall with a positive mindset AND bring more abundance. Always focus on the positive - even if it’s just a tiny little thing. Focusing on the positive makes the positivity grow. Being grateful for what your have makes the good things grow. Your energy and intentions are important. 

Do something to improve your health. The holidays are so busy, many people don’t have time to really work out and stay on a schedule or drink the appropriate amount of water. Get healthy for fall!