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Christmas Gifts by Sun Sign

Christmas Gifts by Sun Sign

The Christmas/Holiday Season has arrived with full force. Shopping can be a little stressful. A call to a psychic at The Psychic Line by Paramount Solutions should be able to help you figure out how to handle the stress the holidays might bring.

The Original Solution Psychics at the Psychic Line by Paramount Solutions also offers GIFT CERTIFICATES. If you want to give someone the gift of insight as the New Year approaches, let us know. We will be glad to send you a specially printed gift certificate to fit your specifications. Call the office at 1-800-966-2294 for details.

The following Sun Sign Gift Guide should be helpful as you prepare for holiday fun.

Aries - Likes to be on the move. Try tickets to a special event - preferably sports. A digital camera might appeal to them. They might like a red cashmere sweater. Gadgets should be a hit. Take them to an Escape Room. Buy them a gift certificate for a Massage to help them relax. A holiday brunch should be appealing.

Taurus - Likes beauty. They also usually like control and would probably enjoy a gift card. If you purchase clothing, make sure it is of high quality. They would probably enjoy an elegant, soft robe or throw to cuddle up in. A dinner at a five-star restaurant would probably be a hit. Remember to keep it classy. If you choose jewelry, make sure it is of high quality.

Gemini - Loves communication. Books are usually a preferred gift - just make sure that they haven’t already read it. They would probably enjoy a really nice pen or pencil set. Really nice stationery should make them happy. They would probably love tickets to a good Comedy Club. Your Gemini would also probably enjoy lightly scented perfumes or citrusy massage oil.

Cancer - Really cares about home and hearth. Purchase them a gift certificate from a high end kitchen store. Cookbooks should go over well. Anything that relates to home entertainment systems will probably make them happy. They also enjoy edibles that are hard to find. Really special coffee with a beautiful mug would generally make them feel special. 

Leo - Loves the spotlight. They like to be the big fish. A really flashy watch or big, chunky jewelry might be just the ticket. A really stylish hat to set off their fabulous hair will definitely hold some appeal. Dinner at the hottest new restaurant in town should make them happy - be sure you get the best table in the house.

Virgo - Discerning and health conscious. Exercise equipment, clean eating recipes, or a Barre class membership may work for them. You may find it to be a great idea to buy them high quality closet organizers, an expensive compartmented jewelry box, or a label maker to help them put things in their proper place.

Libra - Loves company. Give them the gift of your time. They love beautiful things and like bling. The way to their heart is usually high quality chocolates, gourmet treats, herbal tea, or a Spa Day (spent together, of course). Make reservations for a Romantic Dinner for the two of you. A soft pair of socks, a snuggly robe and bath salts should also be a hit.

Scorpio - Really enjoys a mystery. Purchase them books about unsolved mysteries. They enjoy a challenge, so buy them rope puzzles to solve. They might enjoy a gift certificate from a Spy Store. A class in self-defense or Karate might catch their interest. They are usually quite sensual, so if you purchase them something - think silk. Silk sheets should make them tingle.

Sagittarius - Loves to explore and learn. They do not like to be tied down. They might like a metal detector.They also will probably enjoy building some sort of intricate model. Perhaps a really cool wooden ship or a remote controlled car would catch their interest. If you want to share an activity, take them on an adventure where they also learn something new. A guided train ride that points out local history may be a great choice.

Capricorn - Discipline, beauty, work. Make sure that you purchase authentic gifts for them. They will not be impressed with counterfeits. Tennis or golf lessons from a really good professional will probably impress them. A gift certificate for a manicure or pedicure at a really good Nail Spa should be appealing. High end grooming supplies will also appeal to Capricorns.

Aquarius - Knowledge and humanity. Focus your gift search on books that benefit mankind. Also, things that provide physical comfort appeal to them. Soft pajamas, essential oils, expensive bath bombs, high quality candles, really good wine, or coffee table books that feature people and animals in exotic places should catch their interest.

Pisces - Spiritual and emotional. They are attracted to water. Perhaps you could take them to a local Aquarium. A day out on the water followed by dinner overlooking a lake or water feature should really appeal to them. Mood rings, crystals, a lava lamp or books about mysticism should also be gifts that they would truly enjoy.

We hope that your Holiday Season is enjoyable. Our tested telephone psychics and experienced Booking Agents look forward to personally wish you the best and thank you for being wonderful.