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Many of our dedicated psychics practice meditation.  If you have questions about using this beneficial practice, just ask one of them.  Meditation is a useful tool that may be able to help you achieve a calm and peaceful state of mind.  Briefly, in order to meditate you need to break away from the outside world.  Go to a quiet place.  This means no cell phones, television, radio, noisy people, distracting pets, etc.  Be alone and silent.  Give yourself the gift of a few minutes of peace.

Meditation seems to help us mentally and physically.  Meditating for 20 minutes twice a day seems to help reduce stress.  Since stress may contribute to a myriad of physical problems, meditating makes sense.  You can meditate anywhere that is quiet and private.  You can either open or close your eyes.  It may be easier to do this with your eyes open in order to avoid falling asleep.  Focus on your breathing.  Breathe in and out slowly with your mouth slightly open and empty your mind.  When you begin your meditation session exhale in a robust manner to clear your system before settling into a gentle rhythmatic breathing pattern.  One helpful tool is to focus your mind on a lotus blossom opening and closing.  Inhale, open.  Exhale, close.

There are other methods that can be used in meditation.  A fun way is to take a mindful walk on the beach.  Stroll down the beach, pay attention to the water, sand, sounds and smells.  Focus and live in the moment.  Allow no distractions.  Feel the sand under your feet and be aware of your body as you walk down the beach.  Breathe, step, listen, smell.  Take it all in a moment at a time.  Repeat and live in the right now.  Sounds wonderful.

Incorporating meditation into your summer and opportunities to experience the beach is a fabulous way to enjoy the summer and benefit your mental, physical and spiritual being.

The Original Solution Psychics at the psychic line known for quality have tested psychics who work with relationships, business, career, love, and other issues that need insight.  Don't fret and stew over life's challenges.  One of our psychics should be able to provide you with solid advice so that you can focus on enjoying the summer, your family, loved ones, etc.

Remember, don't worry.  Time to be happy.  Take time for yourself to take a mindful walk on the beach, focus on the moment at hand and enjoy your summer.  Give us a call!  

"We just knew you were going to call."

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