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Am I a Psychic Vampire?

30 Nov

We had a good question from one of our YouTube followers. The person asking was wondering how they could find out if they are a psychic vampire. And if they are a psychic vampire, how do they learn to not be a psychic vampire.

First, you have to identify if you take more energy than you give. Second, you have to so a self evaluation to identify the best way to work on your energy. Third, you need to soul search in order to raise your vibration so you don’t take energy from others. You can help yourself clear your energy so you aren’t a psychic vampire anymore.

There are several types of psychic vampires. For this series of posts, we are concentrating on the type of psychic vampires that feed off other people’s emotional and psychic energy. This type of psychic vampire can be a lifelong issue or it can be a transient trait.