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5 ways to get an excellent psychic reading

We offer excellent intuitive psychic readings.   Here are a few things a client can do to help get an excellent psychic reading.  

1.  Call a psychic service that cares about you getting an excellent psychic reading.  Our service is unique in the fact that you speak to a booking agent who can help you choose the best psychic for your situation.  If you want to focus on relationships, we can find an excellent reader for you.  If it does not work out, you can call us back and book with another psychic reader by using the 5 minute guarantee.  We want to have you get an excellent reading where your questions are answered.  

2.  Clear your energy.  We recommend taking some time to yourself before the reading.  Have a cup of tea, light a white candle and take a deep relaxing breathe so your energy can be clear to allow the psychic reader positive energy to pick up on.  

3.  Find a space where you can be comfortable.  We have had psychic readings happen on the phone in the subway (yes, even getting cut off in the tunnels!)  but that is really NOT recommended.  The best space for a psychic reading is a private, quiet place.  This way you can guarantee that the psychic is only picking up on your energy - not the person next to you.  Plus, then you can ask questions and feel comfortable.  

4.  Take notes.  We do recommend taking notes during your psychic reading.  Sometimes the smallest detail that the client thinks is nothing turns out to be a huge detail months later.  When you take notes and keep them, it is amazing and fun to look back to see what has happened from your personal psychic reading.  

5.  Ask questions.  If you are looking for specific answers or have specific questions, we encourage you to ask the reader.  Some readers like to start the reading with general thoughts they are picking up on for you.  Many times there is a chance toward the end of the reading to ask specific questions.  Ask away!