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Friday the 13th is coming

Watch out!  Friday the 13th, often referred to as one of the unluckiest days of the year is coming!
What should you be made aware of regarding this so-called luckless day? Why is Friday the 13th considered unlucky? 

Origins of this myth include the following and may help explain the lack of luck on this particular day:

1.  The 13th guest at the last supper supposedly was Judas. The next day, Friday, is often referred to as the date of the crucifixion.

Psychic Abilities and Increasing Intuition

Being psychic and having intuition are only half of the gift. You can foster the gift to help yourself and people around you. Being awoken to the beauty of the gift is important and probably the reason so many of our followers found us.

Can You Feel Your Intuition?

You are probably psychic or have some intuitive ability. It is up to you to learn from it and learn about your gift.

Benefits of a phone reading versus a reading in person

Many people may think that getting a reading in person is the only way to get an accurate psychic reading. Here are reasons we believe that phone readings are actually more accurate and the best way to get a psychic reading. 

Psychic Energy on Halloween

In the metaphysical and psychic world, it is believed that the barrier between the physical world and spirit world is thin. Thus, it is easier to sense and communicate with the spirit world. It is an excellent night to practice your psychic development. 

Before trying to work with channeling or being a psychic medium, we recommend learning about the spirit world and learning how to clear your psychic energy to protect yourself and your energy. It is helpful to have a group of psychic friends and teachers to guide you in channeling and summoning spirits.