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Welcome to Terra's realm of psychic insight and guidance. With a diverse array of abilities including clairaudience, tarot reading, pendulum work, and scrying, Terra is a seasoned psychic, psychic medium, intuitive, and pet psychic. Whether you seek clarity in matters of love, career, life purpose, or even locating lost objects, Terra possesses the expertise to assist you. With over 30 years of experience providing counsel to countless individuals, she offers a blend of gentle guidance and directness, unveiling solutions to seemingly unreachable issues. Think of life as a journey with Terra as your GPS, navigating you towards your destination with precision and timeliness. 

Since a young age, Terra has demonstrated the ability to foresee events before their occurrence. Through dedicated training at esteemed institutions such as the Berkeley Psychic Institute, The Foundation of Spiritual Development, and University of Intuitive Medicine, she has honed and amplified her innate gifts. Furthermore, Terra shares her wisdom and knowledge as a teacher in the psychic arts. Blessings to all who seek enlightenment and guidance on their path.

  • Name:  Mona R

    "Terra has been an invaluable guide on my journey. Her psychic insights and intuitive wisdom have provided me with clarity and direction when I needed it most. She has a genuine gift for connecting with me on a deep level, and her guidance has helped me navigate through both challenges and opportunities with confidence. Terra's authenticity, compassion, and accuracy make her an exceptional psychic, and I am grateful to have her guidance on my path."


  • Name:  L.W.

    "My reading with Terra was an absolute delight. She exudes the same positive energy and warmth as the psychic, Abbigail Lee, which instantly puts me at ease. Terra's personable nature made me feel comfortable sharing my concerns, and her insights were incredibly accurate. She's definitely someone worth keeping in your circle of trusted advisors."


  • Name:  L.A.

    "Terra is truly exceptional. She appreciates direct questions and wastes no time in delivering insightful answers. I was amazed at how quickly she picked up on valid information, demonstrating her remarkable psychic abilities. With energy reminiscent of both Mia and Abbigail Lee, Terra skillfully connects with her guides to provide accurate guidance. Her ability to establish a quick and meaningful connection, much like Abbigail Lee, is truly remarkable."