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Reading Style
  • Warm
  • Compassionate
  • Works with or without questions

My name is Elizabeth. I've been doing Psychic Readings for over thirty years. I do past lifetime readings, aura readings, guardian angel readings, psychic readings dealing with past, present and future. I am able to read through the person you have a question about. I am great with relationships, most life situations and am good at discerning how things will turn out. I would love to assist you in whatever way that I can. You'll find me warm, friendly and ready to help. This is a gift of sight that I was born with and am happy to share with my clients.

Elizabeth's Extraordinary Eye

Born with the gift of clairvoyance, Elizabeth has been a practicing psychic for 30 years.  Elizabeth's ability to extend herself into your psyche enables her to enable you to understand and then manifest your destiny. After a session, you will have found answers with Elizabeth's foresight. Elizabeth guides her clients through readings with warmth and compassion; her demeanor calms the client allowing her to glean the most insight into their past, present and future.

The Journey Within: Psychic Readings

If you want a psychic reading, Elizabeth will take you through your levels of consciousness remotely. With her keen discernment, she will empower you to find answers to your innermost questions and desires. Her clairvoyant powers are strong, suitable for assisting you over the phone to focus on how you can manifest your dreams. Her primary goal when giving a psychic reading is to assess your heart, mind and soul to help you find the answers to all of life's questions.

Elizabeth specializes in interpersonal relationships, and she is able to read the person that you are involved with while working with you. This is a rare gift, and she uses her foresight with kindness and confidence, allowing you to form a bond of trust with her.

Past Life Readings

Elizabeth provides a specialized service that includes looking back at your past lives and their progression. In order to understand your present and future circumstances, a past life reading is a powerful tool to begin to understand your purpose. Karma is a complex ideology, but can be defined as your destiny or fate that follows a cause. The sum of your actions in past lives and your present life can be used to determine your fate in your future existence. Karma can be viewed as lessons that you have learned, or are learning, in order to determine and follow your life's purpose.

By looking back with you, Elizabeth is able to help you find clarity and move forward with information you previously did not have access to. Understanding your karmic lessons enables you to make choices wisely and with grace.  Not only is a past life reading a valuable decision making tool, it is fascinating to learn where your soul has traveled in time. 

Aura Readings

Your aura is your electromagnetic surrounding your body that emits energy. Few people are able to see people's auras, but those around you are able to pick up on your energy. Elizabeth has this special ability, and is able to read your aura and the aura of those you interact with. Auras are seen as colors, often layers of colors. All people have a predominant aura color, and each color has meaning. By finding our your aura color, Elizabeth will help you navigate using your aura's power to positively communicate and influence those around you.

Aura Colors and their meanings:   

  • Red: confident, strong and aggressive
  • Orange: energetic and healthy    
  • Yellow: Charismatic, optimistic   
  • Green: balanced persona, nature-lover    
  • Blue: calm, collected and intuitive    
  • Indigo: sensitive, highly intuitive    
  • Violet: intuitive, often psychic    
  • Silver: wealthy, often indicates a spiritual transformation    
  • Black: trapped anger, grief    
  • White: pure with angelic properties   
  • Rainbow: a healer  
  • Brown: greedy, self-absorbed

Chakra Alignment

Chakras are an ancient concept from Hinduism and Buddhism that describe the body's energy and how it is distributed. There are multiple Chakras throughout the body, and misalignment leads to pain and suffering. There are seven Chakras, and when they are in alignment, you should be overflowing with energy. Elizabeth is able to remotely survey your chakras, and diagnosing blocked and misaligned chakras. She then instructs you in methods to hone in on the misalignment and get them realigned for optimal health. 

With these powerful, unique gifts, Elizabeth is available to you by phone to provide her services designed to help you take control of your life, relationships, body and the capabilities to make decisions to manifest and control your destiny. Elizabeth's availability:

Are you curious about the past, present or future? Schedule an appointment with Elizabeth by calling 1-800-966-2294 for insight and advice.

Elizabeth is excellent. She has been with our company for over 20 years. She is one of our most trusted psychic readers for accurate and insightful information. Her energy is calming. She gives gentle direction and accurate information. Her gift is a natural extension of herself. 

  • Name: G.A.

    Location: Columbia, MD

    Elizabeth is a very accurate and compassionate reader. I have been reading with her for many years, and can honestly say she is the best!!

  • Name:  Cathy A.

    "I recently had a reading with Elizabeth, and I was thoroughly impressed with her abilities. She has a deep understanding of relationships, career, and the timing of events. Elizabeth provided me with invaluable insights into my love life and helped me gain clarity on my career path. Her accuracy in predicting timing was uncanny, as events unfolded almost exactly as she had foreseen. Elizabeth's guidance was not only accurate but also filled with compassion and wisdom. She genuinely cares about her clients' well-being and goes above and beyond to provide guidance and support. I highly recommend Elizabeth to anyone seeking profound insights into any important life events."

  • Name:  Lindsay P.

    "Wow!! Elizabeth is an exceptional psychic with a keen focus on relationships and how the other person is feeling. I had the pleasure of consulting with her, and I was amazed by the depth of her understanding and accuracy. Elizabeth provided me with invaluable guidance regarding my relationships, shedding light on patterns and dynamics that I had not been aware of. Also, her insights into my career path were equally enlightening, offering practical advice and foresight that proved to be incredibly valuable. What sets Elizabeth apart is her ability to accurately predict the timing of important events. Her predictions unfolded with remarkable precision, leaving me in awe of her gift. I highly recommend Elizabeth to anyone seeking profound insights and guidance."

  • Name:  B.W.

    "Elizabeth is a truly gifted psychic who excels in providing guidance. I was thoroughly impressed. Elizabeth's ability to tap into the energies surrounding my relationships brought clarity and understanding to complex dynamics. Her warm and compassionate demeanor made the reading a truly uplifting experience. I wholeheartedly recommend Elizabeth to anyone seeking guidance and about significant life events. 5 stars!!"