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Abbigail Lee

Abbigail Lee

Reading Style
  • Detailed
  • Gentle
  • Spiritual
  • Works with or without questions

Abbigail Lee is psychic/clairvoyant/empath/medium/tarot cards. She has over twenty years of experience and has Native American Roots. This is a generational gift in her family. She works with or without questions. Abbigail is able to pick up a lot of details through her unique use and understanding of tarot cards. She is able to pick up on people around you and how they are doing and feeling. She also is able to focus on past, present and future. She is very detailed and easy to talk to.

Blessings to All...Abbigail Lee is a natural born psychic medium. During the past 37 years she has been learning new techniques and evolving her skills. She specializes in a variety of "New Age" practices, including dream interpretation, Chakra reading and Past Life Awakening Techniques.

For the last 12 years she has been working with an ancient Egyptian Tarot deck (Goddess Deck) that consist of the 22 Major cards, Numerology, Spirit Animal Totem and Alphabet text, where she is able to decipher words and their meanings.

Abbigail feels that she is a vessel and can communicate with those that have crossed over both with and without the use of pendulum channeling. She sees herself as a messenger that strives to reveal your truths. Answers come from within. She tries to be a guide to get the truth out.

She loves working in areas of love, relationships, Family, and Spiritual Connections. Abbigail can also focus on changes in life, new beginnings and endings. She constantly strives to be accurate and precise in the relaying of information that she receives.

Her mother, being Lakota, taught her about the importance of your Spirit Animal Totem and how to incorporate it into life's teachings. Her father(Egyptian) fascinated her with knowledge about the Goddess, the old world theologies, and studies of the Occult, Astrology and Spirit Travel.

Abbigail has spent her life living in Egypt and the western United States. She has had the privilege of studying with Shamans and achieved the title of Grand High Priestess. She has truly been blessed and feels that you are blessed. She uses all available tools in order to look for the Truth. She feels that she has found her truth and hopes she can help you on your journey to find yours.

Abbigail uses only 22 cards that utilizes the pictology of major Tarot, Numerology, Spirit Animal Totem and Letters which aides her interpretation of your unique statues. She can also do a quick four-card spread to provide information regarding the Past, Present and Future.

Abbigail is also a medium. She finds that experience to be exhausting, but realizes that it is a privilege to assist you by contacting others that have transitioned over to the other side.

Specialties:  Relationships, Mediumship, Channeling, Life Path, Finding Truth, Past Lives

Other Notes:  Her favorite service is soul to soul contact. She gets to vocalize your spirit’s thoughts and desires which should reveal your true self. The Goddess Deck Tarot cards that she uses helps her fill in details to your reading.

  • Name:  Amy N

    "One of the most genuine and accurate psychics I have ever read with. She is confident yet very caring. Her vibration is lovely. She picks up on your vibration with much accuracy as well. While there are other psychics that seem like they are either guessing or not wanting to commit to an answer, Abigail speaks with certainty. She simply knew me from the start of our  conversation. She had me at hello."


  • Name:  R

    "I wanted to say thank you to Abbigail Lee, she has helped me so much with guidance and lifting me up again and again. She is so gifted, kind, funny, great energy and has such a warm caring personality that makes me feel so good. She makes my day 10 times better each time we speak, I love to share things with her and tell her events that have occurred. She's such a good person and I can't thank her enough. She's a gem and glad I found her."

  • Name:  Jen R

    "I recently had a reading with Abbigail Lee at The Psychic Line, and I must say, it was an incredible experience. Abbigail has a remarkable ability to tap into the energy and emotions surrounding a situation. She provided me with accurate insights and guidance that were truly eye-opening. Not only was she able to accurately describe past events, but she also gave me detailed predictions about the future that have already started to manifest. Abbigail's warm and compassionate demeanor made me feel comfortable and at ease throughout the reading. I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking clarity and guidance in their lives."

  • Name:  Tammi J

    "I had the pleasure of consulting with Abbigail Lee at The Psychic Line, and I was blown away by her accuracy and depth of insight. From the moment we began the session, it was evident that Abbigail has a genuine gift. She accurately pinpointed key aspects of my life without any prior knowledge, leaving me astonished. Abbigail's predictions were not only specific but also delivered with a sense of compassion and understanding. Her ability to connect with the spiritual realm and provide practical advice is truly remarkable. I left the reading feeling empowered and inspired. I highly recommend Abbigail to anyone seeking a talented and compassionate psychic."

  • Name:  Kim K

    "Abbigail Lee is an exceptional psychic, and I can't recommend her enough. From the moment she starts the reading, you sense a depth of insight that's truly remarkable. Abbigail combines intuition with a keen understanding of the energies around you. Her predictions have been surprisingly accurate for me, and her guidance has been a source of immense comfort. What sets her apart is the genuine care she exhibits – it's not just about the reading; it's about empowering you to navigate life's twists and turns. Abbigail's calming presence and genuine connection make each session feel like a conversation with a trusted friend who happens to have profound psychic abilities. If you're seeking clarity and authenticity, Abbigail Lee is the real deal."

  • Name:  Kenesha L

    "Psychic Abbigail Lee is an accurate powerhouse! It's like she taps into the universe and pulls out the specifics you need to hear. What sets her apart is her incredible personability. She doesn't just read your energy; she connects with you on a personal level, making the entire experience feel like a conversation with a dear friend. Abbigail is not one to skim the surface; she dives deep, providing detailed insights that leave you in awe. If you're looking for a psychic who combines spot-on accuracy with a warm and approachable demeanor, Abbigail Lee is the real deal. She's not just a psychic; she's your cosmic confidante."