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Reading Style
  • Clairvoyant/Tarot/Channels - 30 Years Exp.
  • Offers a rare blend of warmth, humor & profound insight.

Mia, a gifted and insightful psychic, has been providing accurate readings across the country since 1992. With a background rooted in esoteric arts, Mia's natural affinity for the mystical realm became undeniable, leading her to embrace her psychic abilities. Despite initially pursuing other paths, Mia's passion for metaphysics ultimately drew her in, realizing that it was her unique way of utilizing her nosiness and opinionated nature to help others.

During her time studying Mass Communications at the University of Denver, Mia discovered her true calling in a Religions Around The World class. This revelation sparked her journey from Judaism to tarot, channeling, and astrology. Mia's approach stood out as she developed her own divination method, which garnered attention from clients and colleagues alike. Recognizing that her true strength lay in her quirky, funny, and intense personality, Mia began teaching her unique divination techniques to eager students.

With years of experience under her belt, Mia's readings offer a rare blend of warmth, humor, and profound insight. Her advice column is unparalleled, providing a one-of-a-kind perspective infused with her wealth of knowledge and wisdom. Outside of her psychic work, Mia finds joy in cooking, gardening, furniture refinishing, sewing, political activism, and saving dogs.

Prepare for an extraordinary experience as Mia brings her vibrant personality and vast expertise to guide you on your journey.

  • Name:  LF

    "I loved Mia! She was right to the point and had no-nonsense approach, which I appreciated. Her personable nature made me feel comfortable, and the information she provided flowed effortlessly. Mia's insights were spot-on, and I left our session feeling empowered and enlightened. Highly recommend her for a truly authentic and impactful psychic experience!"