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Beth Ellyn


Reading Style

I have been reading tarot cards and practicing mediumship readings for 20+ years. I teach people how to do hand hugs with their loved ones who have passed to the other-side. I am anxious to help all that I can to feel their loved ones energy. My most rewarding experiences as a reader is connecting parents to children on the other side.

I love to assist others with their relationships and telling them what's in store for them in the future. I can also connect them with their loved ones on the other side be it man or pet 4 footed or hoofed. I have been communicating with animals since I was a young child. I especially love helping animals here on the earth plane connect with a companion pet whom has passed to Spirit so they can begin their own grieving process and learn to communicate with their loved one in a new and fulfilling way.

I am very gifted with insight about relationships and offer guidance in matters of the heart. I believe there is enough negativity and fear in the world so I do not add to it by giving gloom and doom readings. Although I am honest in what I read if someone is lying or treating you poorly I will tell you. In order to get the most out of a reading with me I read your cards first then I ask you to ask me only the questions you had in mind when you called. Once I have finished answering your questions then you can ask me questions about the reading.

I am a Certified Reiki Practitioner and completed The Quantum Touch course in Nov of 2002. I can do distant healings and have a healing prayer circle that is through out the United States and Canada of which I would be happy to add your name or someone that you know of who is in need of healing and this too includes animals.

I was born to give insight and assist others along their paths. I have been blessed with so many gifts please let me share them with you!

My favorite type of reading is mediumship I love connecting people to loved ones on the other side. Following that would be tarot readings. Animal communication would be next in line because animals don't lie! I find locating missing animals a big challenge but have been able to predict their homecomings with great accuracy. I have been told my tarot readings are 90% accurate and my Spiritual readings are 80% accurate.

  • Name: T.S.

    Location: Carbon Hill, AL

    Beth-Ellyn provided me with confirmation that I need about my loved ones! They are ok! Beth-Ellyn went beyond being just a Psychic Medium, she truly cares about her clients. I just booked another reading!

  • Name:  M.S.

    "Beth-Ellyn will be my go to!  My reading with Beth-Ellyn from start to finish was amazing. She was so on point with current situations.  Much else that was said has come to pass since my reading.  Beth-Ellyn is a professional, kind, highly gifted and a beautiful soul.  I look forward to my next reading with Beth-Ellyn"